Friday, October 10, 2014

The Process

by Cathy 

“ You can do brickwork as a laborer or as an artisan.” ~ Anne Lamott

in the beginning her shutter could not keep up
with the secret conversation within her mind
as she chased the finished product 

mechanically clicking away she hoped for the best 
thinking that if she took enough photos
one would speak to her and the job would get done

once home, the weeding began 
and she usually lucked out;
there were moments worth preserving 

but lately she intentionally walks in the dappled light
without her camera; leaving it at home
working hard to notice the stories unfolding around her 

it rattled her at first; would she miss the shot of a lifetime? 
but she worried more about that fact that she had become lazy
forgotten how to engage in the process

she saw too much
tired to hard
and stayed too comfortable 

she read once that great photos are fueled by new ways of seeing
so today she searches for stories worthy of telling
digs in, works hard and is nourished by the process

she deletes more than she keeps now; 
failed ideas, bold mistakes, 
experiments gone bad

and she works at not holding on too tightly 
because regardless of the end result 
the process matters

there is a chill in the air as fall circles around her
today she has her camera with her and she raises it to her eye 
and catches her breath at the beauty of the sun 

as it touches the branches 


Don't forget to enjoy the process, it is what nourishes us and keeps us going. 
I hope your weekend is grand! 


Kate said...

Cathy, this is oh. so. perfect. You are so right in everything you said here!

heyjudephotography said...

Cathy, your words, oh your words! So true and so beautiful!

kelly said...

i totally get this cathy...every single word. what a beautiful way to go into the weekend. thank you. xo

Dotti said...

You have beautifully expressed a photographer's journey. Just wonderful and with such lovely photos that perfectly illustrate this journey we're on. Together.

Carol said...

Absolutely perfect, as everyone has said!

Susan Licht said...

Beautiful...and so very true.

Deanna said...

Absolutely perfect thoughts on our journey with our cameras. The process always soothes my soul and you have expressed these feelings in wonderful prose.

Mary Rawl said...

I am new to this site..this is just perfect and from all the comments..we all feel the same way! It is a wonderful feeling to have this connection with other photographers that I don't even know except through words written on Focusing on Life.

Cathy H. said...

Beautifully written and illustrated! I've finally realized it's more about the process, the getting out there, the being drawn in, and the gratefulness for what I've found!

terriporter said...

Oh, Cathy, as you can tell, your post is speaking to so many of us! Feelings that we have all had, put into words. You have such a gift in being able to do that. I too have had that feeling of fear about going out without my camera, all the what ifs, but you are right and when we just look with our eyes rather than through our lenses, we see so much. Beautiful photos and beautifully written words. You are a treasure, my friend.

Focusing on Life said...

Welcome Mary! - Thanks for looking, and I hope you will stay with us>

AFishGirl said...

Three cheers for the process. That leaf with the bokeh makes me swoon...

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