Friday, October 17, 2014

The Women I Love

by Deanna

Well I did it again…..put everything off till the absolute last minute.  Well not really everything, I did manage to pack (forgetting only 3 things), found someone to watch “the kids”, arrived at the airport on time, flew to Houston, TX to meet with 9 incredible women that comprise and compose this blog….the women of “Focusing On Life”.

We gathered in August of 2013 at my home, this year we rented a house on Galveston Bay, who knows where we will be next year but I know there will be a next one, we are committed to that.  For those of you who are “Instagram” fans you have probably been seeing quite a few “Galveston gals” shots from our adventures together.  The only one that was unable to join us was Cathy Sly who is still in recovery mode after her hip surgery.  But nothing stopped us from at least “skyping” with her.  As of 9:00 PM Thursday evening we were all in the same room together, 10 of us here, and Cathy on the computer screen.  Oh the marvels of technology, bless their little pea pickin’ hearts.

This group of women have been such a blessing in my life.  We have climbed the “steps of life” together, supporting each other every step of the way.  And when we reach those un-opened doors of life we are there again with encouragement and love.  I love these women, they are sharing and caring, lovely and lively, sharing their joys as well as their sorrows.  Photography is what brought us together, but love, trust, and friendship keeps us together.  

Thanks so much for being a part of our lives, we appreciate all of our followers and wouldn't it just be the best thing ever if we could ALL join in on a big group hug.


Viv@within the Frame said...

Thanks for taking me along on your journey's I love visiting with you all. Galveston looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful Blessing to have so many friends that live miles apart, yet seem to be more like sisters sharing their love for life, family, love and photography! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful stories and photography….I look forward to seeing more every day!

Dotti said...

Great post, Deanna! It warms my heart. Love you back!

Claudia said...

So happy you all gathered again. One of these days I will want to join you too!! Hugs

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