Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Finding the Positive in the Negative

by Susan

Negative space... the area in a photo giving the subject a little... breathing room. 

How ironic is it that in life, when we are given a little 'breathing room' ourselves... our minds begin to unclutter, decompress and slowly rejuvenate. 

Negative space gives room to breath.
Negative space gives room to grow... to create... and to renew.
Negative space opens our minds... which in turn helps us to refocus.
Negative space isn't 'negative' at all. 

There are so many ways to find your 'breathing room' and clear your mind.  For instance, take a hot bath... go for a long walk... ride a bike... meditate... practice yoga... and on and on.

For myself, I enjoy running.  During this time I do not listen to music... but simply unwind by listening to my breath.  I guess you could say it's a form of meditation for me. My mind empties in a matter of minutes and becomes... clearer.  I am the leaf and my space is the running path ahead of me. It's vast... and I embrace it with joy!

So, my question for you today is... can you relate to that photo and the message behind it?  And if so... how?  


Jeanne said...

Stunning shot and such a great reminder of the importance of the negative space in our lives!

Patricia Turner said...

Such a lovely image Susan and I love the idea of creating a little "breathing room" in our lives and in our photographs. The Taoist painters understood this concept quite well and your image has that tranquility of open space that their ink paintings revealed. Beautiful.

gina said...

"Negative space isn't negative at all." We need to come up with a better term. As I age, I find I want less clutter in both my home and really brings me a sense of peace. I love your image -- the sweet leaf sticking out and grabbing a bit of light.

Dotti said...

One of the things I have always most loved about your photographic style, Susan, is your use of negative space. It does indeed give our eyes a place to rest and our minds a place to think. You're very good at this and I need to try to do more of this. Thanks for the inspiration!

heyjudephotography said...

Negative space gives me room to breathe, and I agree, it isn't negative at all! Your work is always so soothing with your strong use of negative space.

kelly said...

your shot is like a virtual breath of fresh air susan! and i couldn't agree more more...negative space is wonderful, healing, and inspirational. xo

Nancy said...

Your shot illustrates beautifully your term negative space….and I agree completely with your words of wisdom….

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