Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Interest

by Leigh

Sometimes when it's cold and dreary outside it's hard to find the motivation or inspiration to get out and shoot.  We've had a few days without sun lately and I have hardly picked up my camera.  I haven't even posted to instagram (so you KNOW I'm feeling pretty depressed….seasonal affective disorder anyone?)
But knowing that today was my turn up at bat I knew I needed to get out and find something to shoot.  And once again it was a dreary sort of day, but as I ventured out in my backyard with my camera I started to discover textures like ornamental Kale as well as some beautiful color.  

I didn't notice many birds out although the squirrels were busy racing doing their winter prep work.   As I passed by the birdbath I was drawn to the reflection of the Weeping Willow branches in the bit of water left over from yesterdays rain.  It made for an interesting black and white.

The fall foliage has faded as the hard freezes brought the leaves down from the trees, but the leaf litter is so beautiful.  Nature created it's own composition for me here.  It's really not even fair to call it litter when it's this beautiful.  

These allium blooms have been holding on for a few months now and I think they are almost more beautiful now.  I'm amazed at how they have been preserved through rain, freezing temperatures and our wild Oklahoma winds.  Even though they are dainty and small they are strong and resilient.

This time of year the color isn't there to catch our eye so we have to look deeper.  We must slow down and look for the details, the textures and the shapes.  So bundle up and get out there and see what beauty you can uncover.


Carol said...

But these are MY colors. I love the subtle beauty. These are masterpieces -and right in your own backyard! You have, once again, inspired me. Its awful out today -but I will give it a shot ! (l

heyjudephotography said...

Yes, you have found beauty in everything. I love these shots. I realize I need to get a birdbath just so I can get reflection shots like your beautiful capture!

Susan W said...

I understand the problems with motivation and shooting in the winter all too well, but you have come out of this with some lovely shots.

Dotti said...

You are so observant, Leigh, and have the most wonderful knack for finding beauty everywhere. I read your post before I walked out to get the morning paper and sure enough, when I looked around, I found there were little pieces of beauty here and there. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to 'look'!

Deanna said...

Oh yes, that motivation and lack of sunshine...I know them too too well. You have found some beautiful subjects in this season of sunless days, all we have to do is look past the gloom to see the beauty!!

kelly said...

yup...totally there leigh. but so much interest in these beautiful textures and muted tones. you've inspired me to get out there!

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