Friday, December 12, 2014

Your Body and Soul Will Be Ever So Grateful

by Deanna

Especially at this time of the year we are overstimulated with too much busyness.  If we are constantly rubbing shoulders with others, rarely alone, seldom alone in silence, and overwhelmed with constant demands we can become very irritated and afflicted with what Sue Patton Theole calls “diaper rash of the soul, a red, raw and ugly low-grade pain, usually hidden from view. ”

Irritated feelings are usually clues that we need to close the door on chaos and take time to rest and replenish and restore our own souls.  For me the quiet company of my own self  is what usually soothes me, sitting quietly in my “safe harbor”.  Fanned by the soft wings of silence and solitude, I can cool my frenzy, quiet my mind, and mellow my attitudes.

White Eagle, a wonderful Native American teacher, has this to say about finding peace, “You long for peace. You think of peace as being goodwill among nations, the laying down of arms.  But peace is far more than this, it can only be understood and realized within your heart. It lies beneath all the turmoil and noise and clamor of the world, beneath feeling, beneath thought. It is found in the deep, deep silence and stillness of the soul. It is God.”

During this time of decorating, shopping, baking, wrapping, and entertaining find a place and time when you can arrange for silence and solitude.  Close your eyes and softly sigh into the silence.  Your body and your soul will be ever so grateful.  


Linda/patchwork said...

Exactly true.
We all need to take some time for 'Peace on Earth'.

kelly said...

this is such good advice deanna. so needed to hear this today! xo

Dotti said...

I have been thinking along these same lines. In fact, you may hear more about it on Monday. Quiet time is necessary for me every day, not just through the holidays. Good post, Deanna, one I'm sure we all need to hear.

terriporter said...

Oh, Deanna, you can't know how much I needed to hear this today! My mind is spinning with my "to do" list and as much as I want to take some time for myself, it just never seems to fit in the schedule. Today I am going to do just that and I know I will be the better for it. Your images are absolutely gorgeous!

CarolHart said...

Lovely post and timeless reminder. Thank you!

Barb said...

Thank you, Deanna. Your words and the photos are so still and quiet. They're calming for the soul.

Carol said...

Ididnt get a chance to look at FOL until now -work is sooo busy right now. But I am cocooning at home to make up for it. i need my peace and quiet so I wont get out of whack!!!

Kelly Kardos said...

Beautiful post Deanna. And it's nice to be reminded to hear the quiet.

Barb Brookbank said...

Ahhhh, I couldn't agree more ... I'm lucky to be able to find calm and peace in my home most every day ... I couldn't live without it.

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