Saturday, January 17, 2015

Focus on You - The Music of the Night

Well, I couldn't pick just one (again) so I am bringing you two wonderful photographers in this week's feature today.

Up first is Patricia Margaret (teragam) from Washington State, bringing this:

Fieldhouse at Night

Such a beautiful depiction of mood, and movement, and nighttime. It makes me think of a city university, and quiet rides home after night practices, and evokes subways, buses and I could go on and on.... I don't know if that's what it's actually showing - but that's what it evokes in me! Congratulations, Patricia on such a wonderful image!

You can follow Patricia in Flickr here:
and on IG as maixnermaid, where she trades photos with her grand daughter.

I also want to share a perfect example of the blue hour, by elisas2012:

That tiny speck of moon over that beautiful blue sky says it all! You can find Elisa's photo stream  here.  Congratulations - job well done in capturing the night at it's best!

Thanks to these talented photographers for contributing. I hope these shots inspire more explorations of the night for next week!


Deanna said...

Both beautiful depictions of the beauty of the night!

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