Saturday, January 10, 2015

Focus on You!

Our first week of Night photography has been really fruitful in the gallery. It's so hard to make these decisions with such good work out there in our family! In the end I chose two photographers, showing very different places:

Daryl Luk caught me early in the week with a gorgeous nighttime sand dune (or desert?) that is actually a study of light and shadow. In fact if you follow his Flickr link, you will see many studies of  light. He just inspires me to want to practice, practice, practice this type of photography!

Thank you,Daryl, for sharing your talent with us. 

Our second featured photo is "Bay of Poets" by Edith Levy. Wouldn't you love to visit a place with a name like that? I had a difficult time choosing between the three night photographs that Edith posted for us. All are just crystal clear! But it each perfect sunburst on each little light that made me go for this one.That, my friends, is not easy to do! You may see more of Edith's work  at

Thanks you Edith for your contributions and inspiration!


Anonymous said...

So nice to see Edith's great work here! I have been following her for a while and enjoy her blog immensely. I also love Daryl's image. Nice choices!

Dotti said...

Both are beautiful choices and represent different aspects of night photography. So instructive and inspirational! Edith and, Daryl, thanks for sharing your art with us'

terriporter said...

These are both wonderful! Love the undulating sand and all the different layers in Daryl's photo and those beautiful star-shaped lights in Edith's. So good! Thank you both for sharing these with us.

Roberta Ann said...

I appreciate Edith's style of photography too.. I have been following her at Wordpress.. I will visit Daryl's work at Flickr..

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