Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Blue Hour

by Linda

Night photography is something I thought I rarely took part in. I have taken some shots of the moon and of course fireworks but other than photographing Halloween trick or treating and Christmas lights, I'm not out at night.

Or am I?

Weather permitting, I am up and out at the a$$ crack of dawn. Actually a bit before dawn on most days. Sometimes it's downright dark when I head out the door. I usually only have my phone with me and anticipate a sunrise but there have been many shots just pre-dawn in what is considered "the blue hour"

The blue hour occurs in the twilight of the day just before the sun rises and just after the sun sets. In the mornings it is the time when the sky magically turns from jet black to navy blue and all the lightening shades of blue until the sun rises and turns the sky into multi colored beauty and the golden hour begins. Or, at the end of the day, the golden hour will precede the blue hour and the sky will cascade through all the light blues to darkest blue to fade into the black of night.

It's quite the show, no matter which you choose to take in. It is worth the time, probably less than a half an hour, to watch the sky change.

There is a site that has all things blue hour and you can enter your location to find out what time blue hour is where you are. Click here for the site.

I hope you take in many blue hours. You won't be disappointed. Be sure to add your pictures to the gallery!




heyjudephotography said...

I love shooting at the blue hour. The results can be very dramatic. Your photos here show just how dramatic and beautiful results can be. Great post Linda.

Dotti said...

I love blue hour photography! I just don't do very much of it. It is gorgeous light for taking photos, I fear it just seems to happen at times when I have other things on my mind. This would be a good year to change that. Thanks for the reminder, Linda. And I love your blue hour examples.

Carol said...

Great post. You are right - morning works just as well - and so does inside the house in the dark, for that matter. I love your shots

Kim Stevens said...

The blue hour is my favorite time right before the sun rises...silhouettes, gorgeous color, fun with slow shutter...your images are beautiful Linda, but oh I do love that second one (and the moon you've almost caught).

kelly said...

it's fast becoming one of my favorite times of the day. so much much peace. beautiful photos my friend. xo

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