Monday, February 16, 2015

Loving the Ride!

by Carol

"Life is like a carnival ride. You can play it safe and ride the merry-go-round, it's predictable. But, myself, personally,  I will ride the roller coaster for all it's glory and thrills, it's ups and downs, twists and turns and rushes."

But Here's the thing - I disagree!

Glory and thrills are over rated. Life provides us with enough twists and turns to be handled and survived. The carousels' purpose is not to toss your stomach - to make you feel as if you were defying death.  The riders of roller coasters travel, screaming and hollering and feeling brave, but they end up right back where they started.

The carousel rider travels around and around, soaking in nostalgia of a quieter time that honored craftsmanship and beauty. She takes a slower  3 minute ride  - around and around, summer breeze in her hair. It's an eternal ride - the world a blaze of colors and seasons repeated.

I'll take the predictability. I love that every time my child comes around, he waves to me - every time. And every time I wave back. Enduring love is in that. I will be here for you - every time - every time.

Where else do you ever hear Wurlitzer music?  If you were to hear it , would it not take you right back to that horse, that summer afternoon when the world was warm and bright and you reached for the brass ring?

Is there anything more beautiful in their individuality than merry-go-round horses with their painted lace leads and bright saddles? At their height of popularity in the late 1800's,  sculptors created their own designs - war horses, parade horses, Indian ponies,  all straight out of the dreams of children. What better samples of art nouveau than those? Could you not swear, as you ride,  that they were moving their eyes or changing their expressions?

One of my favorite things about France, is that every little town center has its carousel - the original one - up and running.  But of the 4000 carousels that were once in America, less than 150 survive. The Asbury Park Carousel that I rode as a child - the one with the golden rings to grab,  is now for sale on EBAY for $250,000.

And you know what? If I had the money - I'd buy it. 


kybarb said...

Carol--Love this post! I never really thought about carousels before but after reading your post I realized that I definitely agree with you that life gives us plenty of twists, turns and surprises and that I'm much happier enjoying the ordinary everyday and predictable moments of my life. We are getting a new carousel this year in Cincinnati and now I'm looking forward to it even more! I remember having fun picking out just the right horse to ride as a kid:)

Dotti said...

What a fun perspective! Maybe this is why I don't like roller coasters, never really have. Carousels have a certain romance to them that is missing in roller coasters. The motion is mesmerizing. Lovely photos today, too!

terriporter said...

Crazy day and I am just now getting a chance to pop in here and tell you how much I enjoyed your post! And the photos bring back so many memories of not only my own childhood but my children's and grandchildren's as well. I agree with you and Dotti -- carousels are much more my cup of tea than roller coasters! Give me the safe and predictable any time. I love the beautiful individuality of each carousel. So sad that they are disappearing.

gina said...

This music and your images brought back so many memories, thank you. If only I could travel back fifty years and be a kid on the carousel again. :) Our town has saved its carousel, a small one but still fun for the little kids. I'm with you --- i like routine and predictability, no adrenalin rush for me, please.

heyjudephotography said...

I've always loved the artistry in a carousel. There are so many details to look at and appreciate. And you're right - where else do you hear that music?? There is a beautiful one near me, and of course the historic Central Park carousel just south of me. It's so sad that these pieces of artwork are going away. You have some beautiful captures Carol.

kelly said...

i've never been the thrill-seeker type. i always thought maybe it was because i was scared, but now i know that i find my thrills in the simplest of places. beautiful photos my friend....i will ride that carousel with you any day!

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