Sunday, March 29, 2015

Focus on Phoneography

We have so enjoyed the theme this month and love seeing all of your gloriously green images. From muted and pale to vibrant and bold, the #focusingonlife pool has been overflowing with the color of life. here is just a sample of the beauty this week: 
@saurand @aalmadr @jan_twoscoopz
@mommadmalone @limez @aroseisuppose 
@_timelessnchic_ @marl1een @tasselflower 
Be sure to check the blog for next month's theme. And thank you all so much for continuing to share your beautiful art with us. We are so grateful for you!


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed this months theme 'GREEN'! So many ways to capture this beautiful color and lots of great photographers! Love the green collage photos...thanks for sharing!

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