Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Signs of Life

by Kelly

It never gets old.

Those first courageous little buds...the joy and delight in spying those first signs of life in the garden. Honestly you guys...this is what I live for.

It's comforting to know that I am not alone in this.  Everyone is talking about Spring....or well rather, how we are eagerly awaiting Spring's triumphant return.  We've been sharing it here at FOL...it's all over my Instagram feed...it's laced into every other conversation with my mother and my next door neighbor.  We are all. so. ready for Spring.  So ready for warmth.  For color.  For life.

The anticipation is very real.  Because in my head I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Spring will return.  But what makes it hard is when it doesn't feel that way. It's like living in limbo.  Or suspended animation.

Rather than let this get me down, I am learning to embrace these in-between times in my life.  And I think it is because it's during these fragile transitions that the old and new coexist in such a special way.  Ends and beginnings share this unique sacred space.  To me these thin places are almost magical.  Because this is where hope lives...the yet to be fulfilled promise of good things to come.

I know that the calendar says that we have a couple more weeks until it is officially Spring.  And who knows how much longer it will be until it actually feels like Spring.  So in the meantime I'm going to hold on to hope and continue to keep my eye out for signs of life.

What about you?  Any signs of Spring in your neck of the woods?  We would so love for your so share them with us in our Flickr pool or with #focusingonlife on Instagram.

Until next time,  Kelly


Dotti said...

I'm seeing tiny signs of Spring: lots of crocus and jonquil sprouts, buds on our big maple tree and the teensiest sprouts on the lilac bush. It's mild here and raining so that must be a sign of spring. Your pretty photos of spring buds and new growth excite me, too!

terriporter said...

So excited that spring is on its way! It's my favorite season and yesterday I saw my first cactus in bloom so spring has begun here. Although we don't have cold, miserable winters here, spring still heralds the return of color in the landscape and is most welcome. It's that time of year when I don't leave home without my camera because something new is blooming around every corner!

Deanna said...

No sign of Spring here yet, although the snow is beginning to melt. Thanks for sharing your little bits of the season to come!!

heyjudephotography said...

Oh those first signs of spring are always so special! I will live vicariously through you since we're still struggling with at least 8 inches of snow cover right now. But, I have hope - spring is indeed on its way! Love these photos - such hope here.

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