Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why Do I Do This??

by Judy

photo courtesy of Leigh Love

Every two weeks. Just every other Thursday.  Only twice a month.  That's my schedule for posting here at Focusing On Life. That's very doable.  However, it seems that more times than not, I am struggling to figure out what to write about.

As my turn approaches I lament that I don't have any ideas for my post.  I have no photos to use for my post. Nothing is coming to me.  What am I going to do?  As I verbalize these worries I've had people -  loved ones who will remain unnamed -  ask me, 'why do you do this?  This blog is not something that you have to do...if it's too much for you, then just quit.' Just quit?? Why don't I just quit?

Well, first and foremost, I don't quit because I love this group.  We call each other sisters, and that is truly how we feel about each other.  Each of us is different, and we bring different perspectives to this blog, and I think that makes this little place on the world wide web just that much more special. I can't imagine not being a part of this group - I would miss everyone here so much, and that includes all of you who visit us each day, supporting us with your comments.  We have a great community of people here.  

Why do I do this? Writing these posts is a challenge, and a wonderful challenge. (Although when it's crunch time and still no post idea has come together, that doesn't feel so wonderful.) However, if everything came easily in life, then how would we grow?  Being challenged makes me work harder. Not only do I want to write a post that appeals to many of you, I want to write a post that my FOL sisters will feel is 'good enough.' 

Why do I do this?  I do this because in 'my other life' I am a very left-brained person.  I deal with numbers and analysis, and lists and lists of things.  Boy am I good at lists, but that's for a whole other post.  When I write here I get to use the right side of my brain.  I get to be creative.  I get to use my imagination and intuition.  I get to lose myself in a photo shoot, looking for just the right shot to accompany my post.  Ahhh, yes, writing here is almost like a little vacation for my numbers/policies/procedures brain.  

Isn't it funny that there are things in our lives that come easily to us, that we perform on auto-pilot, and then there's these things that we struggle with, but that fulfill us in a way that makes us not want to give them up?  That fulfillment is what makes us push through the discomfort and the insecurity and just do it. 

I truly feel that my time here is an invaluable tool in my personal creative journey. Without my twice a month posting schedule, I could easily push writing aside. I could easily wait for the perfect weather to shoot some photos. I could easily use my time to clean a closet, or run to get groceries. Instead, my twice a month posting schedule keeps my camera in my hands, looking for just the right photo for the blog. My twice a month posting schedule keeps me thinking the rest of the month, searching my surroundings for ideas, copying quotations that I love that may work for a future post, reading articles on art and photo tips, and visiting museums and spending time with other creatives.  

What do you do, every day, or maybe every week, that doesn't necessarily come easily to you, but that you love to do?  What do you do that takes you out of your comfort zone, but that once you're there, you realize that it's exactly where you need to be


terriporter said...

I think that's the driving force for a lot of us, the special bond we have built and wanting to keep this place going for each other as well as our readers. For all of us, I'm sure, there are tough days in trying to figure out what you want to say and then there are easier days when you have a plan and know exactly how to execute it. I think knowing that we're all feeling this, that it's not any easier for anybody else, helps. Love seeing your photo -- it brings back such wonderful memories!

kelly said...

well judy, I would like to state for the record that i am so glad that you continue doing this. you write from the heart - so honestly, expressing exactly what i have felt so many times in my life. inspiration and creativity are like this...the ebb and flow can be so frustrating sometimes on their own...even without all of challenges and stresses in our daily lives. you giving voice to it today makes me so much better about those times in my own life. sending you a big warm hug with hopes that inspiration and creativity return to bloom. xoxo

Carol said...

I love this post, Judy. It very accurately explains the process. Like you, I know that without a deadline, I can get lazy. I can get wrapped up in work, and cleaning, and endless lists of things. But this schedule MAKES me go out and experience the arts that I love.And afterwards I feel fulfilled. I used to run regularly when I was younger - and it's a similar feeling. I can remember being out running in some crazy rainstorm and thinking what the heck am I doing - but then feeling sooo good when I was back home, cleaned up and accomplished, with a brain cleared of cobwebs. It's a great feeling - and so is this!

Dotti said...

Oh, Judy! This is so me!!!! There are times when I'll have an idea for a post way ahead of time and can fine tune it, seek out the photos I want. But most of the time, I'm digging deep to find inspiration, often at the last minute. Since I follow you in the rotation, it's safe to say we're having our labor pains at the same time! :-D But it is this caring and supportive community here at FOL, the collaborators and the readers, who keep me going and keep me on schedule. As we've discussed among ourselves, we can't hit it out of the park every time but we can give our best shot ... and it should always come from the heart. As Kelly says, your posts are always from the heart and so they resonate. I, too, am glad you feel this commitment to FOL. We love you and we need you! xo

Kim Stevens said...

Yep, count me in too! I do have an archive full of photos, but lately can't seem to find the inspiration to go with them...glad I'm not alone! Its also harder the more I have difficult things going on...I find I want to hibernate for a little while in my head.

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