Friday, April 3, 2015

A Day in My Life

      by Deanna

For some reason I did not sleep well last night, I tossed and turned and when I finally drifted off to sleep at who knows what time, I was soon awakened by a little bark.  My Cinder had obviously jumped off the bed to get a drink of water and was whining for my attention.  She needed help to return to her cozy spot on the bed.  Personally I think she can jump into bed, but since I have spoiled her by picking her up, she now relies on me for that journey into bed.  I keep a bowl of water in the bathroom since they both seem to want a drink in the middle of the night (just like kids).  I finally drifted back to sleep and again was awakened by a sound, this time it was rain and thunder.  I haven’t heard that rolling sound of thunder for at least 4-5 months.  It was a good sound, the sound of April rains hitting the window, sounds of Spring.

I rise, head for the bathroom, slide my feet into my slippers, dress in my bathrobe and head downstairs with both kids already at the front door waiting, and not very patiently.  I switch off the front porch light, open the front door while both dash out, first checking that no one is walking down “their” sidewalk” before they get down to business.

Meanwhile I walk to the kitchen to make the coffee.  After I have measured the water (5 cups) placed the amount of grounds (3 large scoops) into the coffee maker I head outside via the garage to pick up the morning newspaper and gather the mail from yesterday’s delivery.  Most of the time the entire batch ends up in the recycling bin, junk mail.  This morning the plastic wrapped newspaper was dripping wet due to the rain, so with caution I peeled it away hoping not to transfer any of the wetness of the rain onto the thin sheets of newsprint.  Success! 

Re-entering the house I can now smell the coffee brewing, a heavenly smell I might add. I patiently wait until the dripping is complete, grab a mug and pour.  Because of the anticipation, that first sip is by far the best sip of the day.  The kids are back in, fed, fresh water refilled and now it’s time for me to sit, sip, and read the newspaper.  I grab my cell-phone on the way to my favorite chair to check emails, again mostly junk. 

Up to this point this is what happens in my life every single day.  Maybe it’s boring to some but after years of getting my real children up, breakfast fixed and off to school and then working for so many years with no time for a leisurely cup of coffee, this schedule to me is ideal.  

I am dressed and out the door by 11:15 to meet with 2 old friends.  George and Lucille have been in our lives for probably 30 years.  George and my sweetie worked together at AT&T and it was there that our friendship began.  George is 82 and I am beginning to see signs of aging in his face.  Lucille is about as big as a minute, a few wrinkles but cute as a button.  Both still sharp and still very much in love.  We met at a local restaurant, ordered breakfast instead of lunch, talked and laughed, updating each other on news of our children and grandchildren.  I see George and Lucille only about once a year, along with a Christmas card, and every time I see them it’s a feel-good moment. 

By the time we left the restaurant the rain had stopped and the temps had climbed into the 50’s.  Driving home I decided to do one of two things, go to my local garden center that opened last Saturday or drive to the Arboretum and hunt for wildflowers.  I could either drive straight to the garden center or turn to head to the Arboretum.  I went straight.  Maybe tomorrow I will look for those wildflowers. 

Not too much blooming yet.  But on display was a wonderful variety of hellebores  (see pic below), pansies and small pots of ranunculus.  Oh I was so tempted to buy the ranunculus, it’s probably one of my all-time favorite flower with its layers and layers of petals and divine colors of reds, pinks, purples, whites, reds, and oranges.  The only way I can stop myself from buying is to leave my purse in the car.  And then sometimes that doesn’t even work.  While walking thru the garden center the clouds began to part, the sky turned blue and the temp began to rise.  Yes, Spring is coming and not a minute too soon.  I have been shopping and photographing this garden center for years and it’s always pleasant when returning in the spring to see familiar faces again. 

Returning home I sat on the front porch just drinking in the sweetness and smells of spring.  The birds are singing extra loud, the grass is turning green, the tiny buds on my quince bush are beginning to swell.  April and into May are “iffy” months, but we are on the down-side of winter and that is good enough for me. 

As I type this, I am waiting for a landscaper to come by.  I have decided to hire someone to do the Spring clean-up and weekly mowing for me this year.  Both are such a chore and I was beginning to dread the clean-up.  I love working in my garden, but I have neglected it the past couple of years.  Now with someone else doing the regular maintenance of my yard it will free me up to enjoy my garden once again. 

After he leaves I will prepare something for dinner, not a clue what, since I don’t do much cooking anymore and either watch TV or read, probably both.  I lead a pleasant life, I enjoy my family, my home, my friends, my church. Except for the fact that my sweetie has Alzheimer’s (a wicked, evil disease) and because of that I am leading a much different life than I anticipated, it’s OK. Life can be good in spite of those unexpected detours.
"It's not that everything will be easy or exactly as you had expected, but you must just choose to be grateful for all that you have, and happy that you got a chance to live this life, no matter how it turns out." ~ Author Unknown 

Footnote – I took a writing class a couple of years ago and each assignment was to write about our 5 senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.  In writing this post I have incorporated all 5 senses into the description of my day.  And I practiced writing again. 


Carol said...

From one who is still working and rushing in the morning , your day sounds ideal. That's what I try to do with my Saturdays when I don't have too many errands. I love that you take writing classes - sounds like fun. - and well - your photography is great - we all know that! I admire you so much for choosing to live your life to the fullest despite going through all you have with your husband. I hope your days remain blessed Happy Easter!

Lisa Comperry said...

I love your photos and post..Some aspects of your life are similar to mine..It has been almost two years for me since having had a grind of a work schedule ...I used to get up at the dark side of dawn, at 03:30, to make it downtown..I was required to clock in at work by 05:45..12 hour shifts..Now I revel in the luxury of sleeping in, and having a flexible life..With that said, I have learned to live with a very VERY restricted cash flow , lol....Haha I do the very same thing at my favorite garden center..I tend to leave my purse in the car..This method usually stops me from buying, lol :-)

Lisa Comperry said...

I echo Carol, I hope your days remain blessed, Happy Easter!

terriporter said...

Loved reading about the beautiful routine of your days and I so admire you for your zest for living. I do the same thing at the nursery but the parking lot is just too close and it is too easy to wander back to retrieve my purse so I can buy something! However, I always feel it is the least I can do for a free place to capture nature's beauty. Each one of your photos is a beautiful reminder of how amazing spring is. Hope you have a wonderful return to spring and a Happy Easter!

Dotti said...

I enjoyed 'your day' so much! I, too, love a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper from front to back, one of the small joys of retirement. Each of your photos is such a treat but I love the capture of Mr. Cardinal! As others have said, your zest for life in spite of the hand life has dealt you is an inspiration. I know it's not easy but I'm proud of you for soldiering on.

Jeanne said...

Love that flower Deanna and I too love the rhythm of my life at this age. So happy to see spring again! Hugs to you from Texas

Patti G said...

Thank you for taking me through your day with you. Love your life & love our friendship - we must see each other again soon.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, as I was reading your post, I would say to myself "thats me" to the T, except for the Alzheimers part! Instead my husband battles cancer and your so right about how we chose to accept things! As bad as things sometimes seem, there is always something to be thankful for! Once you get to put your hands in that dirt, your cares will drift away! Thanks for sharing your story and wow...the photos are spectacular!

Barb said...

I, too, am a creature of habit in the mornings before I get going. We've had company for the last 2 weeks (grandchildren), and now we're alone again. I cherish my time of solitude more when I haven't experienced it in awhile. I actually feel exhausted both physically and mentally when there is constant activity and sound. I like the quietness of retirement - the ability to pick and choose what I want to do. Thanks for sharing your day - it reminded me to be thankful for mine.

Lisa Gordon said...

This sure sounds like an ideal day to me, Deanna.
I truly enjoyed reading this, and I wish you a Happy Easter.

Kim Stevens said...

A beautiful day in your life Deanna, beautiful photos as always and love the chairs with flowers so much!!

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