Saturday, May 16, 2015

Focus On You

by Judy

This week's Focus on You photo is from our loyal follower, Susan Bolton.  Susan captured our monthly theme, "the alphabet" perfectly in this shot.  Susan's got a two for one shot here.  Not only do the words 'railroad crossing' fulfill the alphabet theme, but the large X shape of the sign does as well!  And boy does it all pop against that gorgeous blue sky!

Thank you for playing along Susan!  You can see more of Susan's photography here.  


Dotti said...

I saw this fun photo when I looked through the gallery yesterday and thought it was perfect for our alphabet theme. Good eye, Suz! Thanks for playing along.

Anonymous said...

Im so excited and honored to have my photo chosen for the Alphabet Theme! That photo was actually a spur of the moment click...I was so enthralled by the railroad tracks, but as I glanced up and saw how the letters just seemed to jump out of the blue sky....well, you know the rest of the story lol! Thanks again!

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