Saturday, May 9, 2015

Focus On You

by Judy

Thank you to Barbara Vautier (Drolwa on flickr) for sharing your photo with us. This month's theme is the alphabet, and Barbara captured two letters in one with this photo. The giant Gh, lit with colorful lights, makes a magnificent sign, and this photo makes me want to know more!  What does the rest of the sign say? Where is this? 

What letters can you find in your area?  Keep your photographic eye on the look-out for letters. You'll be surprised how many you can find.  


terriporter said...

When I saw this in the gallery, I knew right where it was taken and commented to Barbara that it was one of my favorite places! I love that she captured letters that are so recognizable to some and maybe raising questions in others. Thanks, Barbara, for playing along!

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