Friday, June 26, 2015

The Sights of Summer Part Two

by Deanna

Earlier this week, Leigh had a whole list of what summer windows check, hammocks check, blue skies and puffy clouds check, road trips check, but then there were a few that will not be on my list.  Roller skating, jumping off high dives, probably not sand castles or blowing bubbles. My check list will probably have popsicles (Trader Joe's has raspberry, orange and strawberry all in one serving), and definitely homemade ice-cream and I like mine with homemade chocolate sauce, please.  So we all look forward and enjoy different pieces and parts of what brings us joy in the summertime.

Now, I don't want you to think that I'm complaining, which I'm not, just stating a fact.  We have had pretty crummy summer weather so far this year. Rain, rain, and then more rain. As I write this, it is raining. But beyond the wetness and the weeds, oh my the weeds, it has been a summer filled with delights

There is a small flock of Cedar Wax Wings that have been landing on the neighbor's "dead" tree, which might be filled with tender morsels that they enjoy (like me and my homemade ice-cream with chocolate sauce). Whatever reason, I am delighted by their presence since I have NEVER seen them in my neighborhood.

And then there are the Robins, they love taking baths in my 3 bird baths I have through-out the yard. Mom is teaching youngster how to bathe and then preen after their baths.  Love watching them, they dip and splash, and then repeat, dip and splash, repeat.

Seeing my pink hydrangea in bloom again this year was cause to celebrate.  Only a gardener would understand, but last year there were 0 blooms, lots of leaves just no blooms.  That was the year after our really harsh winter, but it's back with more blooms coming.

And my faithful Etoile Violette Clematis that grows in practically no sun since planted many years ago, but without fail each year she graces the arbor. Eventho small, she is mighty.

Instead of bike riding and roller skating I love to attend "Garden Walks".  Last Saturday my gardening buddy, Ruth and I went to Glen Ellyn for their walk.  Glen Ellyn is gorgeous, it is filled with beautiful old neighborhoods loaded with charm, and outstanding gardens.  Now this is my kind of day.  Spying "fire-cracker red" Monarda when mine which is deep purple is still tight in the bud.

And then we spotted this Sea Holly, gorgeous flower but oh my, it does have prickly spikes.  Not good for my garden with my kids, then again maybe it would stop them from running thru the garden....hmmm.

But this was the pièce de résistance, wouldn't you love to have this sweet studio to escape to??!!

After walking thru this garden I had huge fern envy.  

So we all have our delights in the summer.  Dotti and I are both leaving for Paris shortly, she before me and we miss each other while there because she will be on her way to Italy while I am in Paris. So that is definitely on my "to do" list for the summer.  What's on yours? 


terriporter said...

Oh, Deanna, your posts are always so full of beautiful eye candy! I feel as if I have just been on one of your garden walks! It is especially welcome where I am because there is next to nothing blooming this time of year here. After a fabulous spring of cactus blooms, we have moved on to extreme heat which kills about anything that even thinks of blooming. Our summer plans include looking forward to a week in San Diego at the end of July. Until then there will be lots of pool time and indoor activities where the air conditioning keeps us cool. Wish I had a trip to Paris planned!

Dotti said...

I love that little Cedar Wax Wing! Absolutely adorable. I love all the beauty you managed to capture 'in between the rain drops'. They're all so lovely. And I love your attitude. When it rains we just have to find a different kind of beauty and usually after the rain, the beauty is even sweeter! We've had a lot of intermittent rain, seldom enough to ruin a whole day. It is good for the garden, which looks grand right now. Come August, though, I'm sure it will be a different story.

Ida said...

Absolutely wonderful post. We don't travel very much so summer here is pretty laid back. Lots of naps, watching movies, reading, playing with the cats and just enjoying life. Have a fantastic time in Paris.

Roxi Hardegree said...

A cedar waxwing in the yard would be so cool. I've thought about starting garden tours in our neighborhood. I always want to see people's flowers. Have fun in Paris!

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