Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Follow The Rules….or not

by Leigh

Learn the rules of photography…then break 'em! The rules provide a strong foundation and framework, but once the basics have been learned, there is no end to creative expression.  Shooting with light behind you so that the subject is evenly lit from the front is often a rule of thumb.  But oh what drama backlight can create! 

A basic rule of thirds composition divides your frame into thirds and places the subject at the intersection of the lines.  Which in turn allows the eye to take in the entire scene in a pleasing way.  But powerful images can also be made by centering your subject.

Shooting into the sun can cause unwanted flare and an overexposed photo.  But shooting into the sun can also create magical flare and beautiful golden rim light.  

The wonderful thing about digital photography is that you aren't wasting precious film by experimenting.  You take a photo and don't like it…it's easy to just delete.  So get out there have fun and try breaking some of the rules.


Carol said...

yup! It's always interesting to push the boundaries. I am such a girl scout about rules in genenral - Cursed to be a rule follower in real life, but I love to break them in photography!

Dotti said...

Such a good reminder. Usually letting our eyes follow our hearts leads us in the right direction.

kelly said...

these are magic leigh!

terriporter said...

Yes, those rules are there for a reason but they can also be broken once we know the reasons for them. I LOVE backlighting, especially the way it makes a subject's hair glow! Love all of these shots which are great examples of how to creatively break the rules. Like Carol, I am a rule follower for the most part but what fun to be able to step out of your box and break them once in awhile!

Deanna said...

Love all that light, who cares if you break the rules, that is what rules are for....to break them!!

Anonymous said...

Great post and photos, Leigh! I break all the rules most of the time, but more times than not...I like what I see! Silhouettes, being one of them. Thanks for sharing!

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