Monday, July 27, 2015

It's a Family Tradition

by Terri

When my boys were growing up, we spent a week or two every summer on the beach in San Diego. I can’t tell you how many wonderful memories were made during those family vacations.  In 2010, I created the above scrapbook layout to gather together in one place some of the memories made over the years.

And I am happy to say that this tradition is continuing and all of us plus three wives/girlfriends and three grandkids will be spending next week on the beach, making even more memories. I’m sure I’ll be reporting on and sharing photos from the week after I get back. But the number one thing that keeps ringing in my mind is gratitude – for the fact that we were able to give our boys these memories, that they still want to vacation with us, and that they now want to continue the tradition and make even more memories with their families.  That is something pretty special, don’t you think?

Family is what life is all about and I am proud that we instilled that in our kids. I hope you are all able to make some wonderful family memories this summer whatever it is you choose to do and that you are recording them. I know with age my memory is not what it used to be but all I have to do is pull out my photos and it all comes flooding back. When you look back at your photos, as I did these, you'll remember those special times and will be so glad you took the time to click that camera shutter.


Carol said...

I'm glad you feel the gratitude, and that you can reap the benefits of the trafitions you created. Your family is beautiful! Have a wonderful time!

Dotti said...

Gratitude. Yup. That's what it's all about. Having just returned from an epic three week family vacation, I can truly feel this gratitude and soak up your words. And as I cull and edit the photos, the memories and sights and sounds return. Gosh! How lucky we are to have the gift of photography to help us keep these precious moments alive. Have a great week!

kelly said...

I can't imagine not having all my scrapbooks full of wonderful family memories. it's truly a gift we give to ourselves. hope you have a wonderful week with your family!

Barb said...

I'll be interested to hear where you go to the beach. I'm investigating Del Mar for our family next summer to celebrate Bob's and my 50th wedding anniversary. We need a place big enough for 12 people. Hope you have a grand time!

Deanna said...

Oh what fun. I know how much you enjoy these times with your whole family. Hope you have an absolutely wonderful time!! Spending time with family is precious!!

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