Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday Focus On You

by Judy

I know we've all said it before - but what a difficult job it is to choose a photo to be featured here! There is so much beauty, and so much talent, in our Focusing On Life flickr page. 

Today I chose this wonderful black and white image from Larraine Zungolo.  I am naturally drawn to photos of windows and doors, but this one is fantastic!  There is texture everywhere, giving this photo real interest- on the peeling paint, the stone wall, and the ironwork on the window.  The black and white processing really brings out the play of light and shadow too.  Such a beauty Larraine.  Thank you for sharing this with us. 


terriporter said...

Oh, yes, the texture of the stone and the wood and the metal -- wonderful! And I agree, b&w is perfect for this shot! Thanks for sharing it, Larraine!

Carol said...

Gorgeous Lorraine. I love the textures here

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