Monday, August 3, 2015


by Carol

As my little sister (age 3)  used to exclaim before jumping into the motel pool.....

We're on tucation!

And so we are! For the month of August, our posts will be short and sweet while we have some summer fun. Focus on You will have a color theme each week in August. We hope you will continue to post accordingly in our FOL gallery. Who knows? Your color high-lighting images just might end up in our weekly collage. 

With no further ado, I bring you the Focus On You theme:


5:00 PM, summer camp

Happy August friends!


Dotti said...

For someone who doesn't like orange, you did a magnificent job!

Carol said...

it was tough, but someone had to do it!

kelly said...

this is awesome! :)

terriporter said...

Orange is such a happy, summer color and you have illustrated it perfecty! It is going to be fun to see all the great orange images in the gallery!

Anonymous said...

Love the color Orange and can't wait to post a new color each week and see everyones work!

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