Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Focus On You

by Judy

Since Leigh's post yesterday told us that "pink encourages friendliness, while discouraging aggression and ill-will" I decided to fill today's Focus On You with all sorts of pink!

First up, this soft and delicate close up by Susan Bolton.

 Next, I couldn't resist these two beautiful hot pink captures by Sherry Galey.

What a cutie!

The light on these hot pink flowers that Barbara (Drolwa) shared with us is beautiful.

And...I had to share the hint of hot pink that Lisa (the cohose sense) captured on this beautiful peony!

I have never seen a hot pink hydrangea, so when I saw this beauty by gina g10, I had to show it here! Gorgeous!

And last, but not least, just look at the color in this hot pink photo that SUA13photography shared with us!  Wow!

Thank you to everyone who shared their hot pink captures in our flickr stream so far this week. There's still time to add more, so please do!  And stay tuned - at the end of this week the color for next week will be announced.

Happy Summer everyone. :)


Dotti said...

What a delight to start my day in the pink! These are all incredibly beautiful. I can understand why you couldn't pick just one!

terriporter said...

Oh, my, what a beautiful explosion of pink! I've been loving seeing all the gorgeous images in the Flickr gallery but to see these together is just breathtaking! Thanks to all of you who are sharing your images. It's been such a colorful month so far!

gina said...

What a fun collection of hot pink images! It is a perfect color for August. Thank you for including my hydrangea -- I discovered it in the Japanese Garden in Portland.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful collection of hot pink images! What a wonderful color to mark the end of summer! Thanks for sharing, and including my rose!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, these are all so wonderful. Hot pink in images makes me super happy. And I'm fortunate to have a little granddaughter who loves to wear it!!!! Thank you, Judy!

Susan Licht said...

Such glorious color in each and every shot! What a way to end the summer!

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