Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Apples Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

by Leigh

We had a family birthday party this weekend for my incredibly energetic (and ornery), hilarious and adorable nephew (see above photo and see if you can handle the cuteness!) At any and all family gatherings I am always the one with the camera.  In fact, my sister doesn't even own a camera anymore because she knows that I will be there with mine.  My kids along with my niece and nephew are pretty used to having a camera in their face all the time so it's always fun for me.  Every once in awhile my nine year old daughter will ask if she can take photos and as you can imagine handing over my big girl camera to my little girl is not something I want to do, but she can be very persistent.  This evening she asked and I said yes.  You should have seen the look on her face when she got an answer she wasn't expecting!  I switched over from manual to automatic and got her familiar with back button focusing.  As you well know handing over a DSLR to someone who doesn't know how to use it usually results in very blurry photos which is what I expected with Molly's photos.

She insisted on downloading the photos as soon as we got home.  She was so excited to see how her shots turned out so how could I resist.  This was her first photo.  Nice exposure, good composition….hm…..not too bad for a first timer.

This was her favorite shot (of my niece) and when I asked her why she responded with "because it turned out exactly like I planned!  See her reflection in the table!" Hm….pretty mature for a nine year old…..actually thinking before she took the photo….planning her shot…..something I need to do more often.

She even included a nature shot just for me!  Nice focus….and again the composition is good….hm….I'm starting to think she has a good eye. 

And like any good photographer she included a self portrait.  I feel like I'm looking at a much younger version of myself!  
The next day she presented me with her "new and improved" Christmas list which included a "camera just like yours!"  Anyone have a suggestion for something above a point and shoot that won't break the bank?  It's become evident now that the apple did not fall far from the tree!


AFishGirl said...

Rebel T3 maybe? The shots are all really strong! Really strong!!!! And that one with the reflection, whoa, yes. One of the women I work with just got a T3 at another drugstore for about 200.00, a red one, discontinued but they are out there. It'd be nice to stay with whatever type of camera you have (is that a Nikon?) so she could use one of your lenses maybe? She has an eye, that's for certain.

heyjudephotography said...

Love love love her photo of your sleeping niece. She has an eye, and the bug! Possibly a "like new" DSLR from your camera store or eBay?

Carol said...

The kid's got chops! I think this is exciting -what a good tree she has to fall from! I'm with Judy -ebay, or nikon or camera store used depts have great deals, and manufacturer's sites even warranty them. This way she can try a good one, and if its a phase, you are not out too much. Also have noticed recently that many point and shoots do have hidden menus with manual settings.

Dotti said...

Oh, Leigh! This is so exciting! I started a couple of years ago letting Campbell, who is a year younger than Molly, use my T1i to shoot and she has done some fantastic work. I even let her use my good BGC when we were in Europe. There weren't that many times when she wanted to use it, she was too busy being in the moment. But when she did, I will admit, I hovered, not to help her set up her shot but to 'catch' my camera, if need be. Like you, I set in on auto and just let her rip. I've even designed, printed and framed a beautiful poster of her work from a photo walk we took together. Yes! Let's give them all the encouragement we can. It will be fun for them and us and another way to bond. A win, win, don't you think?

terriporter said...

Well, Miss Molly, aren't you the budding photographer! It is so obvious from these shots that she has the eye, which can be even more important than the technical knowledge. And how fun to have a little protege to teach! I agree with the comments about buying a used DSLR for her and that sticking with the same brand camera you have will make it easier on both of you. I hope her interest continues and you two have many years of shooting together!

kelly said...

well isn't this just amazing. she's learn how to see no doubt to her talented mom!

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