Monday, October 19, 2015

Where is Fall?

by Terri

Have you seen it? Has it made its appearance where you live? Well, fall here is a little different.  We have to really search for it and the signs are pretty subtle. If we really want to see full-blown fall color like the photo above, we have to drive a couple of hours away. Not always possible.  So we look for fall beauty in other places.  Like the ripening of the pomegranates:

And the pumpkin displays all over town:


And we take delight in the tiniest of changing leaves:


But there are treasures here in the fall that most places don’t have like the monarchs and Queens passing through on their way south for the winter:

The bright pop of red from the prickly pear fruit:

The rain lilies that bloom in my yard for a few short weeks this time of year:

And the occasional surprise of a late-blooming cactus flower. This one delighted me by appearing in my yard just this past week:

So even though we don’t have trees that change to brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, pine cones underfoot or a little nip in the air, we do have fall in the desert.  It's still beautiful. It’s just a little different.  



kelly said...

terri, fall in your neck of the woods is every bit as beautiful! and a lovely lesson in learning to see things differently. happy monday my friend!

Dotti said...

I think the fact that each region in our country has unique seasons and varied experiences is a marvelous thing. Beauty is where we find it and you have found -and shared - the delights of a desert autumn. Lovely post, Terri.

Debbie Malone said...

Beautiful as always

Ida said...

That was neat to see how different fall is in your area and yet still very beautiful. - The trees here are lovely and rapidbly changing colors, some have already lost their leaves. I find it to be a very pleasant season.

heyjudephotography said...

Beautiful photos Terri. Thank you for sharing your fall with us.

heyjudephotography said...

Beautiful photos Terri. Thank you for sharing your fall with us.

Cathy H. said...

Your fall is lovely! I love the uniqueness of your fall treasures!

AFishGirl said...

You get me through the long and horrid winters with these type of shots, Terri. PS I'm slow as cold molasses these days but your prize is coming. Stay tuned. Happy Autumn to you.

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