Friday, November 27, 2015

A Fall/Winter Vignette

by Deanna

My tummy is full and there is gratefulness in my heart as I write this post on the evening of Thanksgiving.  I hope all of you had a day filled with gratitude for the blessings each of us have received in our lives.

Today it is raining, alot.  Last weekend it snowed alot. In fact we broke another record here in the Chicagoland area by having the most snow fall this early in the year. Whoopee another winter weather record breaker. (Say that fast 5 times) But I honestly have to say it was really magical. There were still many leaves that remained on the trees which created a delightful snowy vignette of winter/fall in one image. The changing of the seasons brilliantly displayed with this early and heavy snowfall.  You know, the heart-attack kind of snow that is wet and really heavy, the perfect making a snow-man kinda snow, the perfect stick to every branch snow. I saw more snowmen last weekend than I saw all last winter.

The snow is long gone, eventho it was a record breaker, and the ground is now soggy from melted snow and heavy rains. But today I am grateful for that little bit of magic that I captured with my lens, the beauty, the transition, the enchantment, all in one record breaking Saturday in November.


Carol said...

These are spectacular! Your focus is always amazing to me, and your appreciation of life is too!

Liz said...

Oh Deanna, what a gorgeous post and beautiful words! Happy Thanksgiving!

terriporter said...

Absolutely A-MA-ZING photos, Deanna! The little snow "hats" on the berries, that crystal drop on the fall leaf, and the beautiful snow bokeh -- sigh! I remember when I lived in New York and having the early snow and fall leaves at the same time. Such a wonderful juxtaposition of nature. I know winter is predicted to be full of crazy weather this year but I hope you don't have the massive amounts of snow that you had a few years ago. Thank you for this beautiful post to start my weekend off with a smile!

Nicki said...

Deanna - I thought of you and your camera when I heard of the significant snow in the Chicago area. These are wonderful glimpses into winter, and not to rain on the winter parade - probably would satisfy my urge for snow pictures for the remainder of the winter. We have gone calmly into the season - which kinda scares me because that is how we approached it last year and it was a doozy.

Hope you and yours have had a most memorable Thanksgiving.


Barb said...

Your fall/winter photos make a pretty transition, Deanna. Perhaps the snow is a harbinger of what is to come.

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