Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Everyday Magic

by Kelly

Our goal should be to perceive the extraordinary in the ordinary, and when we get good enough, to live vice versa, in the ordinary extraordinary ~ Eric Booth

Standing in the kitchen Sunday morning, I could see it from the corner of my eye...there was a subtle glistening coming from my back porch.

After breakfast, I walked outside to get a closer look and to my delight, I noticed that my Nandina's were covered with tiny, spherical dewdrops.  

I was so enamored by these enchanting little orbs that I decided to Google it, and I discovered that these are not actually dew drops at all.  Whereas dewdrops are created by the condensation of water vapor in the air, these droplets are actually fluid that has been exuded from inside of the plant in a process that is known as 'guttation'.

Normally, water vapor is released through the process of transpiration where it evaporates from the surface of leaves of vascular plants.  But at night, these openings (stomata) are typically closed and so when the soil moisture is high, water pressure builds up.  This pressure then forces some of the water to exude through special glands (hydathodes) on the tips or edges of the leaves.  And when the nighttime humidity is high, as it has been the past several days, it creates these magical little spheres.

OK.  So I may have gone a little overboard and geeked out on Botany a bit.  But here's the deal...knowing the scientific explanation behind this phenomenon does not...even a tiny bit... take away from the magic and wonder I felt Sunday morning.  If anything, it feels even more astonishing!

Moments like this are what I have come to embrace as everyday magic.  Wonders of nature that reflect not only the brilliant design of our Creator but also His goodness in sharing with us these extraordinary gifts to delight our senses.

In a month that is devoted to gratitude, I can't help but be grateful for these wonders of nature. But I am also grateful for this hobby which has taught me to see more clearly.  Thankful for this practice that helps me notice the extraordinary in my ordinary days and brought so much joy into my life.

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Dotti said...

Reading this on this Tuesday morning, I'm sitting at the airport awaiting my flight to Phoenix. Such a beautiful post, Kelly, botany lesson and all. These last few days, while pondering gratitude, I've been repeatedly visited by the thought that it's the little things that matter the most. Your post certainly bears witness to that.

terriporter said...

Oh, my, no other word will do but "magic"! This is something my nandinas will never do. I'm sure the droplets would evaporate the second they hit the air in this desert dryness. So I am fascinated by them! Did you take these shots with your 100mm? If so, you have mastered it, my friend! I think using a macro lens has taught me to see the smallest of wonders, things most people walk right by. It's times like this I am so grateful to be a photographer!

kelly said...

@dotti - yes indeed! it is the littlest things that most often bring me the most joy. and @terri - i did use my 100mm! :) seeing these little details up close is like a whole new world!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Kelly! Yes, there are so many "little" things to be grateful for! Like Terri said, it is times like this that I, too, am grateful to be a photographer!

Lisa said...

Beautiful. I'm really wanting a 100mm and this post has me drooling over it. Gorgeous photos and lovely thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I adore these magical images and I really loved learning something new today too.

kelly said...

@leanne thank you! we are lucky aren't we?

kelly said...

@lisa thank you! to be honest, i haven't been using my macro alot. but having it for these shots makes me think that i should be! love the detail it captures!

kelly said...

@sherry thank you so much! glad i could embrace my inner botany nerd today. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful macro photos, and I loved the botany lesson!

Roxi H said...

This is so incredible! Thanks for sharing the details. I will have to be on the look out although it is usually dry here.

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