Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Greatful for You

by Terri

First of all, with our focus being on "gratitude this month", I want to tell each and every one of you who contribute your beautiful images to our Flickr pool that we are so grateful for you. You are the  ones who willingly share your talents and you are who make our Flickr gallery so amazingly beautiful. 

I could not choose just one image this month, so here are just a few of the amazing images shared during our month of gratitude:

Bottom: Lisa McCann, gina g10

And I could have gone on and on.  But I will just say again, thank you to all who contribute for sharing your art with us. I have loved seeing the things you are grateful for this month.



Carol said...

Beautiful collage -Thanks everyone! we really are grateful for you❤️

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies for the feature. So very honored to have one of my images selected.

Liz said...

Excellent choices for the collage, Terri!

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