Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Feeling a bit Grinchy

by Leigh

What a way to start of December.  It's only the 8th and I feel like I'm already weeks behind.  I lost last week to a nasty virus and that only added to the pressure of the holidays.  I had promised myself that this year I would enjoy the moments, savor the time with friends and family, be joyful…..and here I was sick, tired, worn out, frazzled, anxious, and if I hear my nephew sing Frosty the Snowman one more time I might just scream!  And to top it off I hadn't even taken my kids' photos for our Christmas card and annual photo book that I make for my family.  

What's the saying? the cobbler's son has no shoes? I'm pretty sure that can also apply to the photographer's children have no Christmas card photos!  I rounded up my kids along with my niece and nephew for a photo shoot this past weekend.  It was hurried and stressful from the very start with me yelling "JACK don't slouch!  Stand up straight!  Can you at least fake a smile?!?!?!  James, get back here!!  Stop running away!  Molly & Sarah…no squirrel face and for the last time…NO YOU CANNOT PHOTOBOMB YOUR BROTHERS' PHOTOS!!  I JUST NEED ONE USEABLE PHOTO PLEASE!  So much for advertising my work with this motley crew.  Who's going to hire me when I don't even have a decent photo of my own kids on my card!  Maybe I need to go the funny route and this years card will just be a series of outtakes.

But then while downloading all the photos (and trashing quite a few of them) I came across this gem 

 All the frustrations of the day melted away as I laughed hysterically at the photo.  It perfectly sums up our family dynamic!  My daughter, niece and nephew acting crazy as always while my son expresses his typical teenage angst over the situation. I realized that I was getting myself all worked up over the little details instead of enjoying the moments.  I'm always telling my kids to chill out.  I think I need to take my own advice!

So when it all gets real crazy in December, find those moments in the season that bring you joy.  It helps you slow down, even for a little bit, to remember what this time of year is all about.


AFishGirl said...

I've loved these last few posts here at FOL. Slowing down. I'm all in favour. I decided to not to the calendars I usually make for my daughter and step-daughter of the little ones over the year. That's fine. Kelly's got her new tree thing going on at her blog and that made me smile and feel good. I am avoiding all stores and malls. I'm thinking about what I want people to see. I want them to see me smiling. I want them to see me having a coffee and laughing. In a million ways, every single day, I am so blessed. Who am I if I do not acknowledge and celebrate this, in my words, my actions, my expression? Merry and bright... let us be. Say no to lists that cause your heart to race. Thus endeth the wisdom of the sweaty menopausal angler in Seabright. Love to you here. oxoxoxox

Carol said...

Leigh -I absolutely love this post! Oh my gosh -motherhood in a nutshell -the BEST Xmas card pics EVER and a wonderful lesson! I wish all the cards were this real and beautiful. And your kids are adorable! And -Pam I love you too!

kelly said...

I loved this post leigh! I have decided that this year I am saying no to the holiday hustle...to stop worrying about perfection and pleasing. so tired of it robbing me of my Christmas joy.

terriporter said...

Oh, boy, do I ever remember those days! When mine got just a little bit older, I would plan a Christmas card shoot for Thanksgiving Day and tell them they weren't getting fed until I had a usable shot for our cards! But I'm glad you kept shooting even though you weren't getting the cooperation you were after. These poses (or lack of poses!) will be treasured. Just wait and see! Trying to take your advice and slow down and, as Kelly said, say no to the hustle. Hard to do but I'm determined to try!

Dotti said...

I read this early this morning but am just now getting back to it. We've all felt this way at one time or another, probably more than once. That's why I think our Celebrate the Moment theme is just perfect. Forget being perfect and just be real. Keep the things that really count and discard the rest. Traditions are no longer good when we become enslaved to them. I love that we're all evaluating what's good and what ain't! And your kids get cuter each day. Poor Jack. He's kind of at that in-between age, too old for the little kids, too young for the big kids.

diane said...

Great post.....:-D
In all of the commotion that comes along with the holidays it is hard sometimes to just chill and let it happen. Thanks for reminding me to just chill and let it happen :-D
diane @ thoughts & shots

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