Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Focus On You

December 23, 2015

I don't know - it just made me feel "jingley" all over!

If you want to feel the spirit of the season, check out Rhadonda Sedgwick's IG or  Flickr feed. Everything there is red and white and delicious looking!

You can find her photostream at Rhadonda1 and her Instagrams at Rhadonda.

I have to share her quick anecdote. She was recently introduced to FOL through her friend Pam Scott, and the tag in this picture is the tag from Pam's surprise gift to her. How's THAT for Christmas karma? Welcome Rhadonda - we hope to see more of you. And thank you, Pam, for introducing us:}

Thanks to everyone for participating - it's been quite a holiday gallery at FOL!


Dotti said...

I love it! You can bet I'll be checking out Rhadonda galleries. A Jingly Christmas to you all!

AFishGirl said...


terriporter said...

Delightful! The light along the silver edge of the ribbon is magic! A stroll through her photostream will definitely put you in the holiday spirit! Thanks for sharing your art with us here at FOL, Rhadonda. And thanks to Pam for introducing her!

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