Thursday, December 3, 2015

This Moment

by Judy

My older son Kyle was home for Thanksgiving weekend for five whole days!  It was a Mom's dream come true.  To have my little family all together again felt so right. When I awoke on Thanksgiving day to the morning light shining oh so perfectly on his guitar, well of course I just had to capture it.

The photographer in me was thrilled at capturing the beautiful lighting, but it was the scene itself that made my heart sing and my eyes teary.  Kyle has two passions - working with, and teaching the disabled, and music.  He's lived on his own now for almost three years since graduating from college, but a familiar sight when he lived at home was at least one of his many guitars propped up against a wall, or laying across a cushion on the sofa.  When we'd sit in the family room or living room, chatting, reading, or watching TV, Kyle would have a guitar in hand, lightly strumming.  We always had beautiful background music to accompany all of our family time!

We've all heard it said that it's the little things in life that really matter, and those precious ordinary moments in time that we remember sometimes even more fondly than the big events in our lives.
This one moment in time brought years of happy memories flooding back.

During this month of "celebrating the moment" here at Focusing on Life, we hope that you will share some of your perfectly extraordinary ordinary moments in time.  You may not know it yet, but one day, something will make you remember one of those moments and your heart will sing!


Carol said...

OK Jusy -you got me! Its 6 A M, and Im crying already! Thats because its the same at my hoise. My son provides the background music at my house. And the guitar laying around looks so familiar. Treasure every moment! And thanks for this beautiful and evocative image!

kimmanleyort said...

Beautiful writing, Judy, and something I'm sure many of us can relate to on some level. You've captured your words so well with this image.

Barbara said...

Oh, Judy. I know that feeling that you conveyed so well through your words and your photo. Beautiful!

kelly said...

judy, this photo takes my breath away... i totally get it. xoxo

Dotti said...

What a wonderful way to greet your Thanksgiving Day! The chiaroscura in this photo is brilliant. Truly a great capture and an even better focus on gratitude. (And I'm glad you were home for Thanksgiving! xo)

terriporter said...

Oh, those seemingly everyday little things that we probably took for granted when our kids were at home and are now such treasures! Your capture of this is perfection. And I know that feeling so very well and as you can tell from the comments above, we have all experienced this. To have them back under our roof, if only for a short time, is such a gift. I'm with Carol . . . this definitely brings tears to my eyes too. There is no greater gratitude than our children.

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