Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looking For A Sign

by Leigh

Winter is the time when shape, silhouette, structure and shadows tend to be the focus in photography.  A bare branched tree against a cold sky…birds perched on a wire…shadows on a snow covered ground.  I enjoy this time of year because it is so different from the spring when it's all about color, color, COLOR! You have to search a little bit harder to find subject matter and when you do composition and perspective become more of a focus as well.  But I've got to tell you….I'm needing to see some green! My camera has been sitting in it's bag for way too long so it was time to journey outside and find a sign of what's to come.

It took a little bit of searching, but there it was….bit of glorious green pushing through the old Coreopsis.

As the search continued, I found bright red new growth shooting out from an old Rose bush branch.  It won't be long now until new buds are ready to burst open in the most brilliant shades of pink.

Then I spotted the very beginnings of a Snowdrop.  When the Snowdrops bloom I can't help but smile because I know that spring filled days are getting close!

Early bloomers like these Crocus pop up during the day and close up after the sun goes down to guard themselves from the still chilly nights.

And even this old Mum in a pot is ready to shed the old as the new growth flushes out.  As I wandered through my yard to get my green fix I also noticed two little sparrows making a nest in a recessed light. My husband insisted we get rid of it, but I can't bear the thought of destroying the hard work of these little nesting birds. As I refilled the bird feeders I could see that I'm not the only one ready for spring!

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
~Hal Borland


Carol said...

You are so inspirational! I know what I like to look at, but I don't have much botanical knowledge. Your love of nature seems to come from a deep understanding of its miracles and always makes me wish I knew more about it. I love that you didn't go looking for a picture -you went looking for green. And the quote you chose to go with it speaks of the longing of all forms of nature looking for hope in new life. I guess I am getting a major dose of "heaviosity" here, but I love that you started my day in this hopeful, lovely way! Thank you!

heyjudephotography said...

Your beautiful photos make me hopeful that spring is indeed right around the corner. I love the little bits of green showing through, giving us a sure sign that nature never gives up.

Dotti said...

What a breath of fresh air for me! I.am.so.ready.for.spring. I've seen little green jonquil sprouts and tiny buds on bushes and trees but no color. However, what I really need right now is SUNSHINE! Please, bring on the sun. Your post gives me hope.

kelly said...

we are seeing similar sights of spring around here too leigh! and I just could not be happier!

terriporter said...

I think we are all ready for some green! And color! We have springlike weather but nothing is growing or blooming yet. As your photos show so beautifully, there is hope that it is not too far off. And in the meantime we can always shoot the first tiny signs that it's on its way.

Catherine Hubmann said...

You've captured some beautiful signs of spring. We're seeing those signs here, too. I'm not quite ready for spring. We didn't seem to have a winter. The weather has been unseasonably warm. I'm not complaining; warm is nice, spring color is nice, but I did miss winter!

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