Thursday, March 31, 2016

Find the Magic

by Linda

As we come to the end of another month, in addition to wondering why time flies, I find myself wondering about the magic of light.

When light streams in my windows, casting shadows, I cannot resist. I have countless pictures of light falling across various objects in my house. Someday, someone is going to look at them and think I had quite a love affair with mundane things. Like this salt and pepper set. But to me, there was something magical about them that day.

When the first light of day wraps everything in it's golden glow, I find far too many things to photograph. Flowers and leaves, bugs and critters are all magical in that light.

I am fascinated at the way light creates magic in my camera. Things I cannot see with my eye are captured with my camera. There's magic inside my camera.

This past month, David DuChemin 
wrote about Vision Driven Exposures. This really speaks about letting light work for you in your photography. He then followed up with Vision Driven Exposures, a Clarification. 

Last year, he wrote  Find the Magic.  The thing that I liked the most about this was when he said that what you are really after is the moment when you say "oh my God, look at that!"

yeah,  I do that a lot. Then I take a picture. Might explain the ginormous amount of photos on my hard drive. But it's magic. I love that.

How about you?

Do you look for magic?



Dotti said...

Yup. You got it right - light is a photographer's magic. And if Linda and duChemin say it, it must be so. That must be why I, just like you, chase the light around my home and garden making the mundane magical, as your lovely photos do.

Carol said...

That's how I got hooked into my one time daily kitchen table pictures. Same table - but every day different light - Magic!

terriporter said...

Yes, that OMG moment that absolutely MUST be captured and most often it is because of the light. But you mention one of the really magic things about photography, the magic that is created in your camera that you cannot see with your naked eye. Your shot of the dew on the grass is a perfect example. Magic indeed! And don't talk to me about the HUGE amount of photos on my hard drive!

Liz said...

Linda, you have such a gift with light! I love all the images but the 1st & 4th are my favourites; the bokeh is divine!

Catherine Hubmann said...

The light in these images is gorgeous! I probably shouldn't admit this, but I have trouble with finding good light, inside especially, but sometimes even outside. I pick the worst times of the day to decide I want to take pictures. I need to work on this!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I look for magic everyday...especially when I have my camera in tow! Very interesting post about light and the beauty it brings everyday, touching our life, our souls and hearts in ways that a lot of people cannot understand. I get very excited when I see the light thru my camera, but its not always there until I upload the photo. I think our cameras have little "Light Fairies" in them to give us that much needed magic in our lives! Great post, and gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing, Linda!

kelly said...

this is it exactly. the magic. the wonder. our cameras help us see amazing things. thank you for sharing your magical moments. xoxo

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