Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shades of Gr..?

by Linda

hah! Caught you looking!

I bet you were thinking about that book that my daughter won't let me read! So I don't know what all the fuss is about. (fingers crossed behind back)

While you get your mind out of the gutter, (I'll wait), this is really going to be about shades of color. Specifically, green.

As a child, I was pretty much a pure color kid. I always wanted the biggest box of crayons but only used about 4. The three primary colors because the sky was BLUE, the sun was YELLOW and RED was my favorite color, and always the shortest crayon in my box. (I have since matured and moved on from red, sadly my mother did not think purple was an appropriate color to paint my room, but I doubt if she would have liked red any better) If I wanted to color grass, it was GREEN.

There was always all these "other" colors in the box with weird names. As well as lots of colors with mixed up names like blueish green and my particular thorn in my side spring green.

Spring green. What is that? I would often try to use it but it always looked too yellow. My grass looked like it was dying a slow death in the heat of summer. Who made up this color? It was terrible. But I couldn't leave it alone. I kept trying to use it on something.

Then I grew up. Suddenly a whole new world of color exploded before my eyes. Every color changed and became something close to what I remember but a completely new experience. A feast for my eyes. I felt like I must have been color blind my entire life because now, seemingly everywhere I turned, a new shade of a familiar color revealed itself!

I found spring green! And I love it! It is a yellow-green and it is much more than just a color. It has become a sign of growth and new life and hope that is spring.

I love it!


But purple is still my favorite color.



Carol said...

This was fun! Love them all, but that top pic is a wow -looks like they are dancing. I felt the opposite Asa kid -there never were enough colors for me, so this is a really interesting observation . However -we share purple as favorite, and I also hated that yellows-green!

Dotti said...

What a fun post!! Big smile here. And it comes just a day after I noticed the leaves on the trees, just at that new spring green shade, not too many, not the lushness of summer trees .... But, oh so pretty! Red is still my favorite color, followed closely by yellow, which is followed closely by ... Well, you get the picture. Like Carol, I love all the colors in the box and some that aren't in there as well. I wonder what it's like being green. Kermit?

terriporter said...

So many colors to love and at this time of year, green is definitely at the top of a lot of our lists! When crayons were first invented in 1903, there were only eight colors and now there are 120! I remember how I loved the descriptive names of colors when I was a child and wished I had the job of naming them. Purple was my favorite color as a child and I DID get to paint my room purple, although it was a pale lavender to be precise. Don't get me started on paint color! There are so many hues and shades that it can be impossible to choose one from another. Your photos of spring green are beautiful! Love all that gorgeous bokeh!

Cathy H. said...

I'm amazed every spring at the many shades of green. I love the many shades of green in the first photo. I'm with you, I never liked the yellow-green colors in my coloring box either, but now they are so refreshing!

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