Friday, March 24, 2017

Focus on YOU!

Have you looked at our Flickr pool lately?  Oh my goodness....beautiful signs of spring to be seen!  Please be sure and pop over there and submit a photo or two.  And while you're at it, please visit zinnia2012's photostream Her photo of a flowering Quince immediately caught my eye!  In my part of the world when the Quince's bloom that's when you know spring isn't too far away.


Dotti said... This is breathtaking! A perfect choice. Thanks, Zinnia, for sharing with us.

terriporter said...

This just takes my breath away! I discovered quince on a trip to the Dallas Arboretum several years ago and it was love at first sight! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Zinnia!

Cathy H. said...

Sandra, I recognize your beautiful work! Quince are such lovely bushes, but around here they have some mighty long thorns!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Sandra said...

Oh I just noticed this on my blog reader! Thank you so much for featuring my photo here! There is so much choice in beautiful blooms at the moment in my part of the world, but this flowering quince really caught my eye growing in a private garden in my neighbourhood.
Sandra aka Zinnia (my Flickr name!)

Dotti said...

So now Sandra is no longer undercover! Nice to know who you really are, Sandra!

Sandra said...

Thanks, Dotti! I started off on my blog and then on Flickr with the pseudonym "Zinnia". I like the name and love the flower. One day, I decided to use my own name on my blog and write about it here:
However, on Flickr, I left Zinnia as I still like the name and those who know me well call me Sandra!

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