Thursday, April 27, 2017

Where's Waldo

by Linda

Have you ever felt like you've gotten off track and can't seem to find your way back? You know, you've lost your mojo, your inspiration, your focus.

Your get up and go, got up and left.

Happened to me. And it happened quite a while ago. I'm still searching for the magic bullet that will right this train. Somethings gotta give. I'm ready to go. It's time to rekindle creative energy. It's time to relish in capturing all the beauty in this world.

Vacations are always photographic opportunities. I always find a spark visiting different places. But then I come home and spark goes away. How can I keep it going?

I'm thinking it's time to revisit my simple surroundings, to give myself permission to take boring mundane photos of everyday life. But really not think of these things as boring and mundane, they matter. I should make a record of all the things that are good and all the things that are not so good because that is life.

Seeing beauty in small things, and making a record of it, that just might get me back on track. Of course this is something that I have known all along. It just got lost in the fog.

Everyday practice! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Who doesn't love looking at photographs and feeling all the feels again!

I should have started that 365! But I still can, who says you have to start on January 1, because I'm a rebel!

Where do you go for inspiration?



AFishGirl said...

Great post, Linda. Yes, you can start a 365 anytime you want! Or do a smaller project, I did a 28 day thing once to get me back at it. There is nothing better (in my opinion) than using the camera to stoke gratitude and show us the simple beauty. I remember a shot of dishes I did (six years ago?) in the dishwasher (they were done and I was going to unload) and Terri made this really kind comment and how happy I felt and yeah, the light was great and somehow it was a picture than meant a lot to me. Sometimes I think it's not so much the subject matter as it is the light, the quality of light, that early morning or early evening light and how everything (dishes included) are transformed by light. Thank you for this post. I appreciate it.

kelly said...

It's so easy to feel like you've gotten off's happened to me many times over the past several years. I think Pam is totally right on about using the camera as a tool 'to stoke gratitude'. It's so often the littlest thing that can change the way we see things. Sending you lots of light and love. xo

Larraine said...

I find myself wondering what to photograph next. So I assign myself projects. I have a bunch of raw files of kitchen stuff - food,my tea kettle and more. What seems mundane for some is beauty for others.

Dotti said...

This happens to all of us. I'm having my own struggle with this even as I type this. Springtime blooms have been a big help. But lately it seems that time - as in "not enough" - has been the biggest hurdle to my creativity. After all, we need some contemplative time if we're to take photos and then give them the care and attention they deserve before going "public". I need to simplify my life! Your post is an inspiration to me to shoot, shoot, shoot; to see things with new eyes.

terriporter said...

I'm just getting the time (as Dotti said, there's never enough!) to stop in for a visit and I'm so glad I did! Yes, yes, yes, this happens to ALL of us! I think Pam's advice is great and, Pam, I do remember those dishes! Sometimes it doesn't matter what you are shooting and it's all about the light. If I can't get inspired to shoot, I sometimes need a project, like Larraine, to get me going again. Oh, and the idea of shooting the little things you're grateful for is always a great way to get out of a slump! Right now I seem to be shooting cactus blooms every day and love them but when spring is done I will have to find something else to inspire me. I will remember this post when that time comes. Thanks, sweet Linda!

heyjudephotography said...

As some others have said, lack of free time has been my creative enemy lately. Spring blooms will be gone soon so I need to get out there!

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