Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Break

For five and a half years, we have happily brought you Focusing on Life. We've loved every minute of it but this summer we decided we needed a creative break. We will do something we've never done - take off the months of July and August. 

We plan to use this time to relax, spend time with family and friends, catch up on personal projects and recharge our creative batteries. 

One of our stated objectives is to create a safe, welcoming community for creatives to share their art. We believe we've done this so we encourage you to continue to share your art with us on our Flickr page and Instagram feed (#focusingonlife) and we'll share ours there as well. We'd love to see what you're up to this summer!

Wishing us all a joy-filled summer!

The FOL Sisters


Sandra said...

Have a wonderful time off during July and August! I love the summery scene above! I aim to give more time to my reading as well!

Jeanne said...

Your collaborative group has a wonderful blog and this will be a well deserved summer break. Will look forward to seeing you back in September when you have had a lovely summer and are "recharged" Hope all of you have a great summer!

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