Thursday, September 27, 2012

A "Support Connection"

With September almost behind us, I'm looking toward October. As I think most of us know, October is "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month," and is not only "observed" here in the United States, but in many countries around the world.

I had my yearly mammogram just last week, and as I sat in the waiting room I looked at all of the other women sitting there with me. I wondered, what were their stories? We all have them.  Mothers. Sisters. Cousins. Friends. Or maybe YOU.  It seems everyone knows someone who has, or had, breast cancer. It has touched my family here at Focusing on Life. It has touched my friends and neighbors. It has touched all of us in some way.

There is an organization just a few miles from my home, called Support Connection.  The company's mission is "to provide emotional, social and educational support services to women, and their families and friends affected by breast and ovarian cancer. The support provided enables women to help each other and empowers them to become their own health care advocates."

Their education and counseling is not just for those of us who live near this organization. Anyone can contact them through their website, here, or their phone number, 1-800-532-4290,  and receive information, counseling and support in their time of need.

If you or a loved one have been affected by this disease, know that you are not alone. There are a wealth of organizations across the United States, and around the world, that do exactly what Support Connection does.

I don't want this to sound like a commercial, but please remember, early detection can save lives. Talk to your Doctor about what is best for you.

 ( I am not affiliated in any way with Support Connection. I have just chosen to share with all of you the good that this organization does for women and families affected by breast cancer. Our theme this month is "connections." This organization, and the connections it brings to those in need, seemed very fitting for both this time of the year, and for our theme here.)

Please continue to share photos of your connections in our flickr group.


terriporter said...

So glad you posted about this, Judy. With October being breast cancer awareness month and our theme of "connections", I think it is perfect. I lost my sister in 2005 to breast cancer, so it has definitely touched my life. My other sister and I are now religious about self-exams and mammograms. Thanks for the information about Support Connection.

Deanna said...

Lovely post Judy. And the information is definitely something all of us women need to stay connected to. I have had 2 scares so I definitely do not miss a mammogram. It's so comforting to know that there are organizations out there that support and connect with women in need when they are suffering from the effects of breast and ovarian cancer.

Kim Stevens said...

This is perfect timing like you said for our theme this month and for the time of year. It was three years ago this October that on a whim I got pink highlights for breast cancer awareness and haven't looked back. And our middle school and high school are very active in its awareness, wearing all things pink in football of all things! The boys, for the month of October wear pink gloves, socks, arm bands, wrist bands, and arm sleeves, and we even have a pink out night. Great connection, you never know who might need it!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Judy, what a lovely post, your photograph is so beautiful. My best friend had breast cancer twice. She is a survivor and a very brave woman. I admire her strength. I admire the work that continues to be done to support women who are in the process of their battle with cancer. Thank you for posting this information.


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Spot on post for us this month! This such important information that we all need reminders for.

Connections come in so many forms and supporting one another, whether its a group like our FOL or a national support group are key to sucess moving and growing!

Like so many, I know several cancer survivors and hope that we will continue to have more and more!


heyjudephotography said...

Terri, yes, even though I mentioned that our FOL family had been affected by this disease, I wanted to leave it up to you to share your information, or not. I'm very glad to hear that you and your sister are vigilant in your self exams and mammograms - such an important part of our fight of this disease.

heyjudephotography said...

Having had a couple of "scares" myself, I do think that those "scares" actually help keep us on top of our testing, and doing what can save lives. So glad yours were just "scares." Thank you for you nice words Deanna.

heyjudephotography said...

It is great that these days there are so many ways to support the fight of breast cancer. Every year I see more and more products for sale, where some of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Every year I see more and more organizations and schools, etc really getting involved to raise money. I love seeing pink of football players! The NFL has done that for some time now, and it's good to hear that your school is as well. This year the high school in my district raised a lot of money. I think it would be great if you posted a picture of you and your pink hair! Thanks Kim!

heyjudephotography said...

Thank you Karen. I'm sure your friend is a treasure - and made stronger by her fight with this disease. I too have a friend who has had breast cancer twice - and two mastectomy's. She is also a fighter!

heyjudephotography said...

It has been fun this month to see all of the different types of connections in our lives. I did feel that this organization, aptly named Support Connection, fit really well into our theme at this time of year. Yes to more survivors - early detection will help that happen!

Dotti said...

Judy, such a valuable and caring reminder for us all. Like all of you, I've been too close to breast cancer and other kinds as well. If there's a test, I do it. In fact, my annual mammogram is this coming Tuesday. I'm also fortunate to have access to free annual screening for ovarian cancer at UK Markey Center in Lexington. This is indeed why we gather together ... to connect, support and care for one another.

heyjudephotography said...

Very well said Dotti. My thoughts will be with you on Tuesday.

Focusing on Life said...

Bless you Judy

Focusing on Life said...


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