Wednesday, September 26, 2012

History Connection


Life connections.

Connections that never stop even when living does. 

With a technical explosion all around us, ask yourself a question:  What treasure will there be left if the great photo connection you captured on your Iphone stays only in that phone?  Technology changes and before we know it the ability to print that treasure is no longer available.

My challenge to you is PRINT those treasured connections. Don't wait until the "lights go out"  to regret what you didn't keep from your instagrams! Make sure that when your great, great grandchild asks her mother who she looks like, her mom has something to share that really connection all of your hearts.

Thanks to all of you for posting in our Flickr Group your connections.

Share with us what is your favorite way to print your keepsakes.



AFishGirl said...

That family portrait made me so happy. Perfect start to the day. I needed to see this. And yes,I'll print. For sure.
Happy FOLer,

carol said...

I've been on a tangent lately, printing like crazy and looking for new venues. I have to say I am getting alot of pleasure out of actually seeing my memories up on my wall!FINALLY! I'll try to keep it up

Deanna said...

Yep, I print, I love seeing pictures of family and friends and other "stuff" hanging around. I have a good printer so I print all my own, sometimes I think I have better color than the print labs. LOVE your family pictures.

terriporter said...

Oh, I'm definitely a printer! I have family photo albums going back to 1978 and probably way too many photos printed and displayed in my house. When there's a new one I want to frame and display, I can't bear to give up any of the ones that are already in frames and so I just add to the display. This cluttered, wonderful mess is my family, our memories and are so treasured that I love seeing them every day. With the advent of digital photography, so many people never print their photos but just keep them on their computer. Such a shame and, as you said Claudia, those treasured memories could be lost so easily if we don't print them. Like Deanna, I print all of my own photos and it makes it so easy to do it. I hope everyone who reads your post today will take this to heart. Love the treasured photos you shared!

terriporter said...
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Dotti said...

Such a good reminder, Claudia. I've always been a good printer ... until about 4 months ago when my trusty printer bit the dust. I'm so fearful of getting a disappointing printer that I've postponed addressing the situation. I need to fix that. Please send printer recommendations my way, Sisters! :-D

When I do print, I'm like Terri. I can't bear to remove the "old" ones and so I just keep adding to the collection, on walls, on tables, on shelves ... everywhere. And lately, I've developed a real passion for canvas wraps!

Your family photos are PRICELESS!!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh your kicking me in the pants today Claudia! I have been terrible, horrible in printing my photos . . . must. change. that!! Thanks for the reminder!! xo

terriporter said...

Not sure what printer Deanna has, but I have the Epson R2880 and I LOVE it! It's a wide-format printer so I can print up to 13 inches wide which comes in handy when I do a digital scrapbook page. Forgot to say in my comments above that I am like Deanna in that I think my printer does a better job than any lab I've tried. It is on sale right now for $100 off at Will show you some samples when I see you.

heyjudephotography said...

Your photos are treasures Claudia! Ever since I was a kid I'v loved sitting down with a box of my Mom's black and white, and really horribly colored photos of all of our family. I do print, but probably not as much as I should. It is true that our technology of today will definitely be very different, in probably the not too distant future. Good post, good reminder. And now I'm going to have to find a frame sale somewhere! HAHAHHA

Focusing on Life said...

I have the Epson 1400 - also prints up to 13x19 and I love it too. I almost never use the lab.

Carol said...

Not sure why my name didnt come out above - but that last comment was me - Carol!

Linda said...

I agree! All those pictures on all those hard drives need to see the light of day! I most often send my pictures to Shutterfly because I can share them with others who may want to print some and there are so many ways I can print them or make things like books, cards, mugs! I love to make my iPhone pictures into stickers and little square pictures with Printstagram. Thanks for the great reminder to print!


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