Friday, November 23, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?

You may recall over the past several months, Linda has shared some posts in which she encourages us to use the cameras we carry around with us all the time - the ones on our phones, process the photos with some cool apps, and then to share those photos on instagram.

Great posts. Great advice.

But the only phone I owned was a blackberry with a 2 megapixel camera.
Someday, Linda, someday.
And I continued to lug my big girl camera around with me everywhere just in case one of those momentous photo opportunities occurred or I had to find something to shoot to fulfill my 365 project duties.

Well, my "someday" came and a little over a month ago, I purchased my first iphone. I must admit, I really bought it for the apps and the camera, but the phone does come in handy every once in a while!

One of the first apps I downloaded was instagram. I knew so many people that were on it, although I wasn't quire sure what it was all about. But hey, if they're all doing it, there must be something to it (and yes, if they all jumped off a bridge, I would too).
So I started playing around.
I took my first photo in instagram.
I shared it.
It was fun.
I took my second photo.
I shared it.
I made some comments on other people's photos.
It was becoming even more fun.
But after repeating this process 23 more times, I started to think, "this is it?" I really like earlybird and all, but there has got to be more.

Enter Shutter Sisters Oasis and Stephanie Calabrese Roberts.

During our time in Palm Springs, Stephanie spent a couple of hours sharing her wisdom and knowledge of iphoneography. Wow. I was blown away. A whole new world was opening up to me. As I began to play during those days following Stephanie's talk, I began to fall in love. I realized the endless possibilities with the different apps for not only taking photos, but for processing them as well. And the fact that I could take a photo, process it, and share it on instagram in a matter of seconds, was the cherry on top. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to get to this point!

Since I've been home from Oasis, I've continued to explore and play with different apps. Some of my favorites:
Slow Shutter

Taken in the native camera, processed with Blender and Camera!

Taken with SlowShutter, processed with Snapseed and Cameramatic.

So now, I carry my phone with me everywhere, and yes, my big girl camera sits on the shelf many days. I love that I can not only be inconspicuous in my photo taking, but that everything I need to get my creative fix is in the palm of my hand. Completely liberating! I'm even considering a 365 project next year using just my iphone. 

So I encourage you to get out there and use the camera on your phone. Try out a few new apps. share your creation on instagram. 

And hopefully you know that FOL is now on IG. #focusingonlife. Share a photo or two with us. We'd love to have you join us!


Anonymous said...
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Carol said...

Ok Steph! That's too fun! I just downloaded pic blender ( which I had never heard of) and played with it all during breakfast! FUN! I put the best on IG
Ty it-- you'll like it!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

What a clever photo of the 3 (lol) of you... love it!! Hope you are having a great Turkey weekend!

Leigh said...

You are rocking your iphone photos! I think I need some lessons from you now :)

terriporter said...

My experience exactly -- slow to start and then wham, falling in love! And the frosting on the cake was Stephanie's talk at Oasis. I also have enjoyed the last three months of daily prompts from Shutter Sisters (#shuttersisters) which give me a goal for something to shoot if I'm not feeling particularly inspired that day. I really love the interaction on Instagram too! And as usual, Miss Stephanie, you have grown by leaps and bounds since you started! Thanks for the list of apps -- I have some but there are some I still want to try -- especially Blender! So fun! Hoping some of our readers will be joining the fun on Instagram too. Thanks for the fun post and I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

terriporter said...

Leigh, that's exactly what I was thinking! It was less than a year ago when we were together in Dallas and you were the only one on Instagram. I had the iPhone but wasn't using it for photos and Stephanie, you and I were kind of scratching our heads wondering what it was all about and now look at you!

Dotti said...

Yup - you are rocking your iPhone camera! I agree, Stephanie Roberts' session about iPhoneography was amazing and it seems she inspired all of us. I've been a reluctant iPhoneographer but I'm getting better. There are a couple of apps you mentioned that I don't have yet and must try.

Thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie M.!!

Deanna said...

What I have seen of your I-phone photos is picked up this new phonography with no problem. Thanks for sharing those apps. I have some of them but not all...will try them out soon. I do like snapseed, pretty cool app.

Linda said...

Well, look at you! Getting all fancy with your phone! You definately jumped to the head of the class! You are taking some really good pictures with your phone. The apps make processing fun and easy. There is a lot I can do with the photos I take with my phone that I haven't learned how to do yet with the photos from my big girl camera! Like you I love the convenience of it! I see a few apps on your list I'm not familiar with! Off to the app store!


Kim Stevens said...

I was just sharing on someone else's blog that I love instragram for the freedom of being able to share beauty from my everyday spontaneously! The photos are really the one of you (three)!!

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