Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love the one you're with

Have you ever said "gosh I wish I had my camera!"

It's nice to have it with you but sometimes, when you're balancing 5 dozen cupcakes and 2 gallons of juice for your daughters' classroom party, there's just no room for it.  Then the party gets started and oh! the kids are so cute!

Sometimes, when you have a special date with a special someone, the camera strap just doesn't go with your outfit, and that big black camera would never fit in your cute tiny purse!  But you have to somehow capture this magic moment!

Your DSLR might not be with you but I bet your phone is.

It's been said that the best camera you have is the one that is with you.

My shot happened because I was going out for a walk on a sunny afternoon with a 5 year old, a 1 year old in a stroller and a dog on a leash.  The DSLR was not even a consideration, I had enough going on.  But I did put my phone in my pocket.  Then, as we were out, the 5 year old found some dandelions.  She was so excited about them and raced to find another, and another, and to blow those feathery things into the breeze and make wishes.  She was joyful and exuberant!  Oh!  I had to get a shot of her enthusiasm!  Out came the phone.

I'm so glad I have this little slice of an amazing moment in my life.

Have you used the camera on your phone to get a "must have" shot?  Or, do you use it all the time, capturing fun everyday shots!  Or, have you never even used the camera on your phone?

I encourage you to give it a try!  Shoot something with the camera on your phone!

Tell us about it! Share a little slice of amazing with us!

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"~Henry David Thoreau



Claudia@DipityRoad said...

This is a wonderful shot. I love all the textures and the solar flare. "back in the day " when my kids were young we didnt have cameras on our phones.... Lol because they were still attached to the wall. (gee I sound old huh?)

I will definitely give this a try... Ty for the encouragement

terriporter said...

I love this shot and how well you captured that moment! I have to admit, even though I have an iPhone, I rarely use it for anything but a phone! On the rare occasion that I want to be able to send a photo to one of my two sons who are not in town, I will pull it out and take a shot, but I'm never satisfied with them and know the shot would be so much better with my "big girl camera". But you're right, it's not always feasible to lug that big thing around and using your phone means not missing the moment. I'm going to have to learn how to use mine better so I'm happier with the shots. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dotti said...

Linda, I've followed your iPhone shots on Flickr and been amazed! You do them so well I often can't tell if you took it with your big girl camera or your phone. I'm like Terri, never satisfied with my iPhone shots but you've inspired me to work harder at it. Maybe you'll see one from me on one of my posts. LOL!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Hi Linda,
Such a lovely photograph. You are very blessed to be in that chapter when the child reminds you of the wonder in the little things. I so agree with you about the iPhone. One day I was driving home and to the right of me in the sky was a hot air balloon. The sun was setting and the hot air balloon was playing hide and seek with the sunset. I found a safe place to pull over and I took my iPhone and captured the most glorious photo. I suppose the iPhone has really given us a tool to capture the unexpected. I use a Photoshop like editor for my iPhone shots. So, when I have the chance I can even enhance the shot in the car. What fun.

I love your post, and your picture tells a that we all can either remember, know or need to be reminded of.


caro's view said...

Hi Karen,
I love my iphone and have too many 99 cent camera apps!
This link should take you to my iphone prompt pic - not actually taken today

I love your photo - great moment

susan said...

Great post Linda! And yes...I love my iphone mostly for it's camera. My fav app is hipstamtic and a few others. Yay to the cameras on our phones!

Deanna said...

Alas, I am such an old fuddy duddy....I do not have a fancy phone to take pictures with but I know it is quite the fad now with so many interesting apps (I said that right??). I can certainly see it's benefits, yes, I am one of those that lug the big-girl camera around with me wherever I go anywhere. Maybe that's why one shoulder is lower than the other. Great fun post...happy phone photography!!

Linda said...

Thank you for the kind words! I know what you mean about 99 cent apps! I have my share! And if they are free-woo hoo! So nice to have you stop by and share with us!


Ida said...

This is such a sweet photo. The innocence of a child is truly a beautiful thing.

stephmull said...

What a fun post! Your title made me get that song in my head!!! I really do not use the phone on my camera, but your post has inspired me to try it out! Thanks!

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ida!

Yes, children are so sweet! And capturing that is something special.

Thank you for the nice comment!

K8 said...

ah yes... actually, to be honest, I've mostly been taking photos with iphone lately - and the "real" camera is an afterthought! It's amazing what you can many fun apps!

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