Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Focus on Gratitude

by Kim

"Thanksgiving comes to us out of the prehistoric dimness,
universal to all ages and all faiths.
At whatever straws we must grasp,
there is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings."

- J. Robert Moskin

Sometimes, we find our lives in chaos.

Sometimes with emotion that runs the extreme on both ends, at the same time.

Sometimes when this happens it is all too easy to concentrate on the chaos, instead of all the blessings.

Sometimes, we just have to remember to look a little harder, and take a little extra time,
to dig down deep, to find the good in the places that are the most difficult.

Because I think gratitude is much more than finding good when we aren't in the midst of a storm. 

It's the recognition that there are even good things among bad happenings.

It's reminding myself to be thankful, to always find time to be grateful and probably most of all, that new beginnings often come from our storms even if  we aren't aware of them at the time.

I thought it would be nice if we all shared a gratitude with each other here today.

So I will get us started . . . Even though last week was a real challenge for my family, as we had to take my son to the ER and he was admitted, it was full of gratitude. For a nurse named Dotti who made a stressful situation more lighthearted. For the nurses on the third floor...and the belly laughs that made everyone look. For my husband who stayed overnight with my son to give me a break. For still being able to watch my daughter receive her medal for being a distinguished graduate right before having to take my son to the ER. For my son being discharged on Friday so that we could watch graduation as a family and not flip a coin. For sweating profusely while watching graduation in 90 something, ridiculous Texas gulf coast humidity, because it meant there was no need for the rain plan. For having no time to breathe in the last four days, because it means my in-laws drove 1200 miles to watch our daughter graduate.

Oh and one more . . . for finding beauty in watching a butterfly emerge, a new beginning in the midst of chaos.



Sarah Huizenga said...

Wonderful gratitude Kim. To find blessings in the midst of the storm is a true art.

I am grateful that my daughter was able to meet up with friends in the city, amongst construction and end of work day traffic, and then return home safely well after dark. Since she had a terrible accident a couple of years ago I always worry now more than ever.

Carol said...

You are amazing Kim. And this is beautiful!

I am grateful that my 91 year old parents just came for a visit. Both kids were here all weekend, and we sat on the porch and played board games (in between rain storms!). Also grateful because when my dog took a bad fall on her GOOD leg, my Dad - the retired veterinarian - was here - such a blessing.

AFishGirl said...

This post brought a tear to my eye. It touches at the heart of my truest beliefs and values. I'm grateful you put this all into words for people to read, Kim.

heyjudephotography said...

To remember all that we're grateful for when we are in the midst of the storm is sometimes hard - but so healing. You could be the poster child for gratitude Kim. You've been through so much, and can always see your blessings. First, I'm grateful for being given a new day. I'm grateful that I was able to spend the weekend with my parents, and grateful for the time together with my Dad as we went on a photo shoot. I'm grateful that I was able to spend time with my best friend of 39 years. I'm grateful that my son Kyle turns twenty-two today and has grown into a warm,intelligent, kind and witty young man.

kelly said...

this post is a reminder to me that gratitude is a choice. a conscious decision to find the good and the beauty in the midst of difficult circumstances as you have so bravely shown us. today i am grateful my husband who is the calm in the storm. and my daughter who the light in my life.

augcott said...

What a beautiful post ... I'm so sorry to hear of all of your difficulties lately. I can relate somewhat ... I hope you have nothing but bright skies in the future. ♥

Susan W said...

A beautiful post which I'll remember from now on when things just don't seem to go the way they should. The past few months have been rough for me, but I am so grateful for the love of my husband, children and their spouses. I'm also so grateful for the little grandson I have and the two new grandbabies coming later this year.

Linda/patchwork said...

Thanks for the reminder.

I sometimes forget to be thankful, even in the good times. I'm too often annoyed by little things...things that REALLY don't matter.

I'm glad you were all able to make it to the graduation. Glad your son got to be there.

Hang in there.

Dotti said...

Gratitude is an attitude ... and a choice, as Kelly said. It's hard in the midst of struggle to do this and too often we forget when life is good. You are our poster child for finding our blessings in the midst of hardship.

I have much to be grateful for today: my lovely granddaughter is sharing my day; it's a beautiful day; I'm grateful for a decent night's sleep {not always the case}; grateful that I'm feeling well today. So much more I could list but I'm sure somebody else would like the floor. Next ...

http://vivhalliwell.com said...

Wonderful piece Kim I'm feeling gratitude today that my family is all together in the town where I ive....

Silvina Soave said...

Preciosa la fotografía, nunca había visto estas flores, y muy bello tu enfoque sobre la gratitud!
Un abrazo grande.

Linda said...

Really lovely, Kim. So glad you are finding gratitude. I hope things get easier for you.

Cathy H. said...

Lovely reminder, Kim! I was grateful for a few little things today as I was walking...the shade of trees and the wind in my face. I'm also grateful that I'm capable of walking whether it's hot or cold. I'm grateful that I can see, and hear, and smell nature's beauty!

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