Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spontaneous Combustion

by Leigh

Are you a spontaneous person?  I have always wanted to be, but still find myself planning out every little aspect of my day to day life.   I want to be more decisive instead of relying on others to make the call.  I want to be able to turn on a dime and go in a different direction.  The only aspect of my life where I am spontaneous is in my photography. 

Until recently.   

A couple months ago I was accepted as a contributing artist for Stocksy United. Stocksy is a new genre of stock photography based upon a co-op of photographers.  I'm very honored to have been selected, but I find myself stressing out over "shooting stock".  I feel like every click of the shutter must be stock worthy material. With every shot I wonder will they like this? is it overprocessed?  But then I came to my senses and realized when my photography becomes contrived that's when it leads to very dull and uninspiring photos.  And those are the ones that usually end up being rejected anyway.  Some of my recently accepted photographs are the ones that were shot without much forethought or effort which I am starting to realize is my style.  I really do fly by the seat of my pants when I'm out shooting and I let my feelings guide me.

 The only thing that happens when I try too hard is my delete button gets a lot of attention! But when I shoot what I feel at that moment in time the outcome usually makes me very happy. I stumbled across a new favorite quote recently.  

"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography 
are in yourself, for what we see is what we are."
    Ernst Haas

Thank you all for being my sounding board.  I'm working through my own issues RIGHT NOW!  Gee...this is cheaper than therapy. 


kelly said...

no joke leigh...blogging for me is totally like therapy (but much cheaper!). :) i totally hear you though. i am the queen of letting my own expectations suck the joy right out of my photography/blogging.

congratulations on your acceptance at stocksy! they are finally getting to see what we've all known for a very long time. and that is the heart that is infused into every photo that you take. love,kelly

Dotti said...

Congratulations on Stocksy! Go, Leigh! Woot!

Yes ... I call it camera therapy. Cheap, effective, fun. Why, it's even great when you don't need therapy!

Have a great day, Leigh!

CarolHart said...

Wonderful news about Stocksy. Congratulations! Remember, they selected you because of your style of photography. Keep doing what your doing girlfriend!

AFishGirl said...

Fabulous news, Leigh, and so well deserved. Smiling big here in delight for you. Yay!!!!

Cathy H. said...

So happy for you Leigh! I agree stressing takes the joy right out of photography. I know, I've been doing that lately and finally just put the camera in it's case. I've gotten it back out recently, forgot all about expectations and just enjoyed the process!

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, having expectations and trying too hard are inspiration killers! I'm a diehard planner and don't fly by the seat of my pants very well but when I just let go of expectations and play, that's when things turn out the best. So great to have been chosen by Stocksy -- and well deserved, my friend!

Deanna said...

oh how fun to be chosen by is so wonderful when your photographic style and beauty gets recognized by someone other than you (giggle). And remember, they chose you and your style so don't try too hard, that's when that spontaniety of beauty gets lost.

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