Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is that what I thought I saw?

by Linda

                                                               (mouse over to see original)
                WARNING!        CLICKBLE LINKS AHEAD!        (a test for your perfect vision  :)  )
Last time I was here we established that our vision is perfect. That we see better than most and we are tuned into the finest details of life.

So why is it that sometimes after the fact, after the nod of approval at the tiny preview on the back of the camera, that upon download and viewing on the screen of my computer do I scratch my head and think "that's not what I wanted"

Or sometimes upon full screen viewing I look at a photo and think "it needs a little something"

A tweek, (not twerk!) an adjustment, some polish, a little pizazz!

Sometimes I want to add a mood to a shot, sometimes I want to add some nostalgia, and sometimes I just want to play and have fun, get creative and see what happens!

We all have our favorite editing programs so I'm not going there. I want to share with you some of my favorite "after market" things. Textures and presets and papers and frames and fun and creative things. Some will look familiar and maybe you'll find something new.

Of course there's RadLab. What's not to love? (did you enter their giveaway? you totally should!)

Most of you are probably familiar with Kim Klassen Café and the many things she shares. Many beautiful textures, many for free, some for purchase, lots of tips, ideas and tutorials. Her style is so visually beautiful, so calm and serene, very vintage and nostalgic. I love to use her textures to create a little softness in my pictures. Visit her website and browse around. Lots to look at, lots to learn.  Kim is a kind and generous soul I have had the pleasure to meet in person. Most of you already know she is dealing with her husbands illness. While you're visiting her blog, leave her a virtual hug.

Rita at The Coffeeshop Blog has textures, actions, presets, frames, digital paper, much! For free, or for a small fee you can get everything in one go. (or you can just buy her a cup of coffee for all the tips, and freebies she has to offer!) She will create a custom website or logo for you for a fee. She also blogs about other sites that have new things and sales going on. Follow her on facebook.

Shadowhouse Creations has textures, actions, brushes and tips. Shadowhouse Creations textures are darker, with strong texture. They are perfect for when I want more of the texture to show, or for creating a moody image. Shadowhouse Creations offer lots of grunge textures, it's always fun to try those out! I used one of Shadowhouse postcard textures to create this. Shadowhouse Creations is a one man show and has he been going through a rough time lately. All the things he creates are free, there is a paypal link on the site to leave a donation if you choose. 

Pretty Presets has lots of LR presets and PS actions available for purchase. Follow them on facebook or get on the mailing list to be notified when there is a new one or a sale.

Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics offers online classes for PSE, PS and LR. Follow them on facebook or sign up for their newsletter and get some good tips delivered right to your inbox!

Matt Kloskowski offers LR tips and has some pretty good presets available for free.


For my image above-
the mouse over image is SOOC, when I saw it on my computer I was disappointed the yellow didn't "POP!" (that and I was in a bit of a funk) so off to my arsenal to make it look like I thought it would (should).

After enabling lens profile in LR, I added Coffeeshop Blogs's preset-scorched honey. done.

Much better, don't cha think!


These are just a few of the many places to go when you want to get a little creative! I'd love to hear about your favorites! Share them with us in the comments!


Did you see all the links?



kelly said...

thank you linda for these great resources...and i love what you did with the texture on your photo. so great to have all these different tools in our toolbox. :)

Jeanne said...

Great things to share! Very helpful post and good resources to have even more fun that we are having already!

Kim Stevens said...

One of the things that I love to do is make mini works of art with my photos and some of my favorite textures for that come from Bonnie over at Pixel Dust Photo Art dot com. She has a link up on the first Friday of each month and usually through the month pops in and gives a free texture.

CarolHart said...

Great image Linda and thanks so much for the resource links. I am familiar with most, but a couple are quite new to me so need to pop on over and check those out. Thanks so much.

Carol said...

This has been a great month for sharing here at FOL. I have so many new blogs and boooks to read and now all these to play with. It's shaping up to be a fun and busy winter!. I have been so hap-hazard with these treatments - I'm going to do some serious playing, and organizing, so I know where to go when my pics need that extra something. Thanks Linda - great post!

Dotti said...

Oh! I always love getting new editing resources! Some of these I use already but there are some new ones here, too. Thanks, Linda! And your sunny gerbera is just what I needed on this dreary, rainy, chilly day.

Deanna said...

sharing, sharing, that's what I love about this group!!

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

I used to use Rad Lab quite a bit, but since I've upgraded to CC the 'little box has disappeared. Just haven't had time to investigate. Mostly I use Lightroom and some presets these days. It's funny how it never looks quite the same as you saw it. Sometimes it even looks better though!

heyjudephotography said...

That photo is beautiful and I do think your vision of it comes through with your "playing around." I love the sites that you've mentioned, and even though I do use many textures, I do love RadLab for their presets.

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