Monday, January 13, 2014

Beginning Again: Gratitude

by Dotti

There has always been something about new planners and new calendars that I love, with those fresh, clean pages, blank palettes to be filled. Filled with the notable and not so notable details of my life. A new planner allows me a new beginning.

So, here we are, thirteen days into this latest 'beginning'. It's January. Already major parts of our country and Canada have experienced bone-chilling cold and snow, alternating with higher than normal temperatures bringing not sunshine but rainy, grey days. {Did I mention that January is the longest month of the year?} Parts of Europe have had unusual weather as well. And how are our friends in the Southern Hemisphere doing?

When this happens, people tend to stay home more than usual and often cabin fever sets in. Have you ever had cabin fever? I have. It's not fun. I, and most of those around me, tend to get cranky, short-tempered, irritable. Energy sags, creativity seems to disappear, the desire to pick up a camera does disappear. {Why did I ever think a 365 project was a good idea?}

So, what's a person to do? Well, it just so happens that I have an idea or two.

Pam/Fishgirl, a longtime, faithful member of the FOL family, and I were exchanging emails about this very topic and Pam observed that January should be gratitude month instead of November. After all, gratitude seems to happen spontaneously in November because of the holidays. She suggested maybe there should be a gratitude day in January.

I thought this was a brilliant!

Therefore, with the power vested in me, I, Dotti Rinehart, hereby declare today, the 13th day of January in the year of our Lord, 2014, to be Focusing on Life Gratitude Day. Go forth with an Attitude of Gratitude, being watchful for reasons, both large and small, to be grateful. You shall also practice Random Acts of Kindness, both large and small, as part of your Gratitude Practice.

PS – It’s not too late to join our 365 Project Flickr page, you may start any day of the year. If you’ve tried before and failed, I encourage you to join with us and try again! We’re all there to support one another, making it more inspirational and more fun.

Also – don’t forget our regular Flickr page and our theme for the month, Beginnings. It is helpful to us if you tag your ‘Beginnings’ photos with that word. It makes it easier when we’re selecting each week’s Focus on You. Thanks!


AFishGirl said...

Today?!! Ha, I thought it might happen at the end of the month and I could psyche myself up for it. Okay, okay, this is good. Deep breaths. My five list early this morning...
1. Running water. I know it seems crazy but I think about it a lot. That you can turn on the tap and whoosh, water. Clean water. And even hot if you want.
2. A job to go to. It's easy to have this on my moan list but it should never be there, truly. It should be on my gratitude list.
3. Tea. Permanently on my list.
4. Oatmeal. What can I say. It's an exciting life here at Casa de Fish.
5. Pictures. Yeah. That one was easy. I know.

Happy Gratitude Day, good women. I am grateful for all your inspiration and kinship.

Big giant hugs,
Pam oxoxoxox

Barb Brookbank said...

This is a great idea Dotti! I'm going to sit down and do this right now! It's what I needed right now!

Carol said...

Here at the Casa Sans Fish,
1. I am grateful for warmth! My furnace had a glitch Friday night)
2. The furnace guy who came right out at 10 PM and fixed it
Its nice to wake up warm - so many don't......

Cathy H. said...

What a wonderful idea and I love your proclamation!! This morning I'm grateful for quiet. It's been a busy few weeks and today it will be quiet here. Just me...nothing to do...just relaxing!

Kim Stevens said...

What a fabulous idea Dotti and Pam and a great way to start out a Monday.....

1. Grateful that I am able to start back to my metals class today after being gone for a year.
2. Grateful that it is not pouring rain (at the moment) so when I'm done typing this I can get all my tool bags in the car without getting drenched.
3. Grateful that we had a great family day yesterday when we took my daughter back to college.
4. Grateful for this wonderful community and my FOL sisters.
5. Grateful that the community college has a cafeteria since I'm now running late and don't have time to make a lunch! ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed day! xo

Linda said...

Excellent idea! Really a good idea in this longest month of the year! I am grateful that I read this and now will have a much better day!

terriporter said...

During our Gratitude theme in November, I kept thinking that we should extend it. Just so many things to be grateful for and focusing on them reminds us of how many there are. Of course, everyone always says "family" but with my boys grown into men with lives of their own, my biggest gratitude is that they still like to "hang" with us (of course, I bribe them with dinner!). I love hearing about what is going on in their lives and watching them interact with each other. And I'm grateful for photography and having found such a wonderful community to share that with. Yesterday is the first day I missed posting my daily photo to the 365 group but I will make up for it and post two today!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful idea Dotti! So here is my little list. I am grateful for having had a great, meditative weekend at my cabin . Grateful for the temperature of 70 degrees and the sunshine there!, Grateful that some fun events are coming soon related to photography! Grateful every day for my photography, Grateful for a wonderful new bible study that i bought, STRONGER, FINDING HOPE IN FRAGILE PLACES by ANGELA THOMAS. It is just what the DR ordered for me!

kelly said...

i love this so much dotti. and you are so right on...gratitude really does facilitate the picture taking process. today i am grateful for the warm sunshine and a reprieve from cold, winter weather.

terriporter said...

Well, after posting my comment I have come back to your post and just have to say how much I love your first photo! The beautiful light, your capture of the steam from that lovely mug (wink, wink), and the two little bokeh spots above the mug -- all come together for a wonderful image.Love it!

AFishGirl said...

Just in from work and grocery shopping. At work they said, "You're in a good mood today!" Ha. At the grocery store the girl said, "I hope I didn't pack those bags too full." I said, "Listen, it's no problem. I am seriously grateful for you packing and me being able to get the food. " She said, "Are you for real?" I said, "As far as I know..."
Thank you, Dotti. I am grateful for you.

Karen Main said...

Hi, I am one of those friends in the southern hemisphere, Australia is my home. We are going through a heatwave this week, 40C or 104F everyday. Today I am grateful for a pool at my home, having the kids home on school holidays able to enjoy the pool we have and weather enabling us to be outside and enjoying time together.
I am always grateful for the inspiration I find over here, thanks Dotti.

Dotti said...

Okay, since I started this party, I guess I should drop by with my gratitude list. But first, thanks to each of you for your comments and your 'gratitudes'! It's always so heartwarming to read. And now in no particular order, my 'gratitudes':

1. An umbrella {I'll let you figure out why.}
2. A warm coat. {I'm sure no explanation is necessary.}
3. A good car heater. {Ditto #2.}
4. A good book to read while I accompanied my granddaughter to karate {which bores me}.
5. Each and every one of you for spending part of your day with us each day and for sharing your love.


Deanna said...

Well, I am late to the gratitude party, I wish I would have read this earlier, it probably would have made my day a little brighter...I love that you declared it a gratitude day, but it would be wonderful to keep extending it. Here is mine...
1. The sun shined today and the temps were above freezing all day
2. I had leftovers from the party yesterday and the shrimp & grits were particularly good, even the 2nd time around.
3. I may have found someone to stay with my kids while I am off to Arizona the end of the month via a friend.
4. Like Pam, thankful for running water, in my case a running toilet. My downstairs toilet freezes up when it gets so brutally cold, but always manages to thaw on its on and it is back to flushing it's little tank out. yippee!!
5. I had some issues with my e-mail and ta da....AT&T fixed it without charging me....just fyi, yahoo is having some issues along with blogger.

susan said...

Love the idea of an official gratitude day! Dotti…I think you are on to something here! :) By the way…love this post, the photos…the whole idea you have going here. xo's!

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