Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Season of Rest

by Kelly

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own. ~ Charles Dickens
You would think I would learn, yet somehow I find myself in this position every year.  Dotti called it 'cabin fever'...I call it my post-holiday schlump.  It's that let down I feel after the holidays.  My girl has gone back to school.  Everything is so quiet.

For the past several years, I have used this relatively quiet time of year to take some online photography courses.  But not this year. This year I am making a conscious effort to simplify and scale back a little.  It's my word for the year ~ PARE.  But here I am half-way into the month, and already today I found myself wandering the house looking for a project.  

My mother is probably nodding her head right now thinking, "yep...I could have told you this would happen."

Anyway, in the spirit of my word,  I am going to take a cue from nature and I am going to use these next several weeks to my benefit.  A season of rest, so to speak.  

And so maybe it won't appear from the outside that there is anything going on.  But hopefully I'll reap the benefit of the restoration and rejuvenation that will transform my life on the inside.

So as Dotti suggested, I am going to use my secret weapon against the post-holiday funk.  And express my gratitude for the special beauty of Winter.  The restfulness.  The peacefulness.

Find new ways to experience the Winter months.  And who knows...maybe I might even enjoy it.

How about you?  How do you cope with these dark Winter months and the post-holiday funk?  We would love to see how you capture the beauty of the season in our Flickr pool

Until next time,  Kelly


Sarah Huizenga said...

Well from sub-zero temps last week to rain and more snow coming this week, it has been a challenge to be in the outside world. I am taking one class, the only one I have signed up for this year (so far) Kim Manley Ort's 50mm class and that has been helpful to stir the creative photography juices and find things around the house to photograph. Otherwise I am very focused on my writing in this season of snow bound life.

Carol said...

It's funny, but I am such a homebody that I react in the opposite way. I am so relieved when all the hustle and bustle is over. Although I love my tree, the house looks so clean after the decorations are gone. And I have the chance to take a course, or read a book without feeling like my mother is going to come up behind me and say " Carol Anne -go outside and play!" I've started some photography projects and I'm working on a new website and cleaning closets. Still, I'm so happy to hear that you are caring for your soul. To each his own, Kelly! Happy hunkering. Hibernate well and enjo your rest. But don't skip taking pictures, please-these are spectacular!

Jeanne said...

I always love this time of year for my journaling, and reading something from which I can learn from... and reflect on. I also have that post holiday slump every year... so totally get what you mean! Hugs

Katie said...

i guess i'm kinda the opposite. i love having the house to myself, all clean and back to the simple way it's furnished. also, i get really, really restless this time of year, not so much with lack of projects or even cabin fever necessarily, but just wanting to go out and see the world. hoping to start up my "wednesday photo adventures" tomorrow with a hike on a trail i found here in town this past weekend. enjoy your time of peace and rest, kelly!

Cathy H. said...

I'm the opposite, too. Winter rejuvenates me. I love to bundle up and trek through the woods behind our house. I love to look for the beauty that's out there in this stark time of year. It may only be the sunshine glinting off a rock, but it's there I just have to look closely. That's where I find peace and stillness. Of course, our winters are not near as cold as others! Enjoy your rest, Kelly. I'll enjoy mine this summer when I don't want to go outside!

terriporter said...

After the craziness (and wonderfulness) of December, I always feel a little relieved to have things back to normal. We really don't have a winter that keeps us housebound, so no cabin fever here. It is actually the time of year that I try to get outside as much as possible because I know when the heat hits, it will be much harder. But getting out and finding the beauty of winter is the sure cure for those of you who have the winter doldrums. In fact, I think picking up my camera is the cure for everything! Kelly, you photos are so beautiful. And I'll be there in two short months and we can go out and find some winter beauty together!

Dotti said...

Winter is my most challenging time, mostly because of the short days and long evenings. I can usually find some way to be productive, with or without my camera, during the day. It's the long, dark evenings. If I start reading too soon, I find myself nodding off at 8:30 ... way too early to go to sleep. And if I stay on the computer too late, I can't go to sleep! It seems that we don't like to sleep much any more and are actually becoming a sleep deprived species. I read an article just the other day saying most humans need 8-9 hours (!) sleep and are getting only 6-7. If we paid attention to the seasons of the year and followed nature's example, we might be better off. Lovely 'winter' photos, Kelly!

Kim Stevens said...

Yes, I'm opposite too, and have really come to enjoy the quiet. Like Terri we aren't too housebound here (only occasionally) and from now until our heat hits I'll be out exploring as much as possible. I'm finding that the winter has so much simplicity to offer...beautiful photos!

susan said...

Wow…beautiful photos! Completely relate to the winter months, the blues, the downtime…from years past. After moving to Texas from NY over a decade ago, I honestly have to say I miss those dark winter days…to a point. I can clearly remember that when the sun did come out on a 0 degree day…I would find a window with streaming sunlight and lay there to feel the warmth of the sun. The good news is…Spring is just around the corner! xo's!

gina said...

Such lovely delicate images of winter! There is a natural rhythm in the seasons -- it is important for us to have a time of rest and restoration, just as nature does. I use this time to read, write, think and sleep!

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