Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stitching Together Moments

by Kim

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship,
stories are the thing we need most in the world."
-Philip Pullman

We are all storytellers, all of us, in one way or another. It may be passing on family legends, or sharing our own experiences like Cathy shared with us. We use spoken words, written and with music, interpretation through art and sculptures and even with our cameras to relate these stories.

Stories help to define who we are and the world we live in and its been going on since the dawn of time. The way in which we tell these stories may change over time, but I think our purpose will always remain the same...to pass on traditions, to entertain us, and by sharing our own experiences hopefully to help us understand each other and ourselves better.

I've mentioned here before that for the past several years I've had the privilege to be on the sidelines at the high school football games. Not just to tell their story through my lens, but to be part of it.

I no longer feel like the awkward stranger on the field with a camera. The players have incorporated me into their story even though I'm not in it visually. . .with high fives and sweaty hugs, and they graciously make room for me and my lens when I need to be in just the right spot.

My goal isn't to just capture a contact sport. . .

Because football is much more than touchdowns and tackles,

much more than a win or a loss.

Football is being part of a team whether you are a player, coach, fan, the band or the dance team. And it goes without saying that it takes a whole lot of volunteers even though they may not always be seen as characters in the story.

Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, and for a Friday night football game that relates to about 5 fast and furious hours. And trust me, divert your eyes for just a second and you will miss something spectacular (like your sons tackle.)

With 5 seconds left in the game, tied at 44 we kicked a 37 yard field goal for the win! That would be why you see one of the offensive coaches on the ground (above) tackled at the end of the game.

In the image above I combined two images to help me tell a story. The boy not in uniform is a student trainer and just recently went through treatments for leukemia. The team dedicated the game to him and wore gold laces in his honor. 

I'm not sure I've ever considered myself a storyteller, either verbally or visually. But each week I find myself trying to find ways to tell the story better. New perspectives and fresh eyes to capture and relate the emotion...to tell the stories about the people I know, doing the things they love.

And I'm honored that they allow me to share in their story!


Dotti said...

A beautiful story told as only a football mom could tell it. We do all tell stories in our own ways ... so somebody behind us will know that we were here and what we did. Those of us who incorporate photography in our lives are leaving a rich heritage.

Kathy McB said...

You most definetly ARE a story teller my friend...whether you've realized it before or not :). Such is your talent! And WOW, they sure grow some BIG high school football players down there in Texas!

terriporter said...

You have mentioned before that you have felt a bit overshadowed by the "professional" photographer who shoots at these games. You could even have someone there from Sports Illustrated capturing images and they wouldn't be able to do what you do. You capture the heart and, as Dotti said, you do it as only a mom can do it. These boys are so lucky to have you telling their story. Really great photos and wonderfully story-telling shots. Beautiful work!

AFishGirl said...

Wow, Kim, beautiful series of shots. You show the game to me in a whole new way.

Katie said...

I'm just starting to do this for my son's junior high (he's not on the team, but he is in the marching band), and I gotta tell you, there is not greater rush or thrill for me to see those kids out on the field, kids I've known since kindergarten, tackling or leading the crowds in cheers. I get choked up nearly every game. Wonderful photos, and I'd so love to learn sports photography from you!

pjs said...

Your sports photography is fantastic. I have never been a football fan but you make me want to go to a game. You can see heart and soul in each and every shot. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

The Wandering Shutter Fly said...

Wow! You are so talented...I thank God that our little group of ladies has found each other as friends :-)

kelly said...

amazing shots kim! I think as women we bring a certain way of thinking to the game...not just the moves and the action...but the heart too.

Peggy said...

Absolutely amazing photos and wonderful stories.

TesoriTrovati said...

Miss Kim you are a marvelous storyteller. Your pictures made me feel like I was there! They need few words, but the ones that you chose are perfect. Keep on telling your stories and spinning your yarns. When I see that you have posted, I have to rush right over and check it out. Enjoy the day. Erin

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