Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 - A Very Good Year

by Dotti

Hi, there! I'm your new Girl Friday. Yup! That's right. I've moved from Mondays to Fridays so you'll be seeing me here at FOL every other Friday. And I'm excited about that!

Now that we have that bit of business out of the way, let's grab a cuppa and chat a bit.

So far this week, Terri has reminded us that even as we look forward to a new year we should remember always to 'be present now'. On Tuesday, Kelly shared how she likes to reflect on the year past before moving into the new year. On Wednesday, our lovely guest blogger, Kelly Kardos, told us about her word for 2015 and how she came to choose it. Yesterday, Judy reminded us that we have a new year and a new beginning.

How exciting is that! We have a new calendar/planner with 364 days {we've already spent one day!} just waiting chockful of opportunities. What will we do with those days, all those opportunities?

However, before I was ready to move ahead to 2015, I had one last piece of business to attend to. You see, in 2014, I resolved to print more of the photos that made up the special times in my year. And, oh, my! This fun little exercise forced me to troll through my Lightroom catalogue and recall so many good memories from the past year. I have to tell you, friends, 2014 was a good year.

We've had a good year here at FOL as well. As always, your comments on our posts encourage us.We consider all of you to be part of our FOL family and you continue to inspire and delight with the photos you put in our Flickr gallery. The Instagram gallery continues to amaze. For those of us selecting photos to feature from either of these galleries the job just keeps getting more challenging each week. The work you do and share with us is nothing short of spectacular. Truly. You are all artists and we feel privileged that you share your work with us and take time to visit with us each day.

As we look forward to another year here at Focusing on Life, we invite you to continue the journey with us, for that's what it is: a journey that we celebrate together with photos and stories.

Is there a better way to celebrate than with one another? I think not. So let the new year of 2015 begin!


Cathy H. said...

What a fantastic mug! I'm looking forward to a new year with you girls! Although I don't always comment, I do drop by every day for a little friendship and inspiration! I'm working on the commenting thing!! That's one of my goals to be more active in posting comments and photos here at FOL! Happy New Years to all of you!

Lisa Comperry said...

Lovely mug and post :-)

Linda said...

Yes, I love that mug! 2014 was a good year! 2015 will be even better! You printed more photos in 2014, I will print more photos in 2015! Let's get this party started!

terriporter said...

There's nothing like looking back through your photos from the previous year to make you realize all the good that it included. You've got some wonderful memories here, some that I'm happy to have been a part of. Printing my photos has always been a passion of mine. It's so much easier to see and share them with others when they're printed and look at that great little vignette you created with them! Here's to the coming year and spending it together with all of our FOL sisters and our dear readers. Thanks to all of them, we're heading into our fourth year!

Kelly Kardos said...

That Mug!! (Big puffy heart) I think the one thing I will plan to do more is print my photos-not sure why I dont-the media age has made it easier not to knowing they'll akways be floating around and easier to print than ever before. So glad to be here with this sister hood.

Kim Stevens said...

I love that mug! Yep, I'm guilty of not printing my photos, with the exception of a few and I have to change that! At the very least I could print them in a book for myself. Great reminder, thanks!

Roxi Hardegree said...

I always read Focusing On Life in my email and rarely come to comment, but I'm so glad you guys are here and I hope to do better about posting to Flickr this year.

nancyjean said...

Happy New Year, Dotti! Your post has inspired me to print more of my photos ... I love some of them in LR and I would probably love them more if I hung some on my walls!! Wishing all of you here at Focusing On Life another very creative year!!

Claudia said...

Bravo to you for getting your images printed!! I bang that drum often. No resolutions for me, however trying to live every single day and finding something of note daily is my new suggestion to myself :) Happy Fridays. Hope to see you more often this year! Love ya~ Claudia

Deanna said...

Happy new year my Friday partner. Love the mug and kudos to you for printing your photos to enjoy!

AFishGirl said...

This makes me smile ear to ear. And then some.

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