Thursday, January 1, 2015

We Begin Again

by Judy

A new year.

New beginnings.

Clean slates, where anything is possible.

We wish for you happiness and good health,

We wish for you courage, so you may follow your dreams,

We wish for you love and peace.

Embrace this new year and the chance to

begin again...

Thank you FOL friends, for supporting us with your kind words this past year.  Thank you for inspiring us, and for making us all strive to be our best.

Happy New Year friends!

As we begin again, January brings us a new theme.  Join us as we explore Night Photography.


terriporter said...

Wishing all the same things to you, dear Judy, and to all of our other sisters and readers. Happy New Year!

Dotti said...

A new slate, 365 days. What will we do with it? Oh, the possibilities! But I wish each and every one in our FOL family 365 days of love, laughter, hugs, photos, joy and of course daily stops at FOL!

Kelly Kardos said...

Happy New Year FOL.

kybarb said...

Happy New Year FOL friends! Anyone else signing up for the Studio at Kim Klassen? All of your still life photos inspired me so much this past year I thought I should try it. Hope to see some of you there also.

Deanna said...

Happy New Year to all. May we have peace, joy and good health in the coming year (and a little extra wealth would be kinda nice too!)

Lisa Clarke said...

Happy new year! And night photography sounds perfect for this time of year :-)

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