Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Surrender... my word for 2015

by Susan

photo courtesy of Dr. Holly Oxhandler

It's not 'surrender' in the 'defeat' sense of the definition... it's more of a... letting go. 

Life throws us challenges... some good... some great... and some... not-so-good.  Those challenges can be brought on by ourselves, family members, friends, co-workers... and people we don't even associate with. 

There are challenges that make us better people. 
There are challenges brought on by others... that test who we are. 
There are challenges we bring unto ourselves.
There are challenges to our well-being, our health and that of loved ones.
There are also those challenges that when we see people we love and care for, make poor choices. 

Now, back to my word for 2015.  Surrender.  It came about one day, last month or so ago, in a conversation with my daughter Holly.  She wanted to share her word for 2015, which was surrender and thought that maybe it would ring true with me too. She's got a lot on her plate... and she knows that I do, too... but the reality is, I think we both bring on a few more things than we can actually handle each day.  So she shared her word, surrender. And let me tell you the minute I heard it... it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulder.  Surrender became something I would repeat nightly, under my breath as I closed my eyes. I realized that there were some things in my life that I could control... and things that I could not. I realized that repeating this word... helped me sleep.  Repeating this word brought clarity and new found joy. 

To me, surrender isn't about giving up at all.  It's not about defeat.  It's a calming word during a challenging time. It helps make clear choices.

With that said, I'd like to thank all of my FOL sisters for the conversations, the joy, the time we had together in Galveston. You see, this is my last post here at FOL. So, thank you ladies... thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this inspirational and creative group.  I've loved being a part of this group and wish I could stay, but due to an exhaustive growing work schedule and travel, and family members needing me more than ever at this time, I've had to let go of some things... and FOL contributing member is one of them.

Life brings challenges, the good... and the not-so-good.  When it gets overwhelming, maybe you too will find the clarity... the calm... the serenity of this one word, surrender... take a breath... and let... it... go...

*Special thank you to my daughter Holly for the image above. We both have this same mug that sits on our desks as a gentle reminder throughout the day.*

xo ~ susan


Dotti said...

Oh, Susan! I know life has handed you some big challenges right now but we shall miss you. I shall miss you with your gentle creativity that quietly speaks of who you are. Thank you for all your contributions here at FOL. You know you have a home here, always. Love you! xo

Lisa Comperry said...

What a cute mug! I like your word "surrender"

heyjudephotography said...

Yes, exactly what Dotti said!! Surrender - such a powerful word that at first glance sounds like defeat, but with a closer look is really a wonderful way to look at life and all that comes with it. I hope this word brings you peace and happiness. You will be so missed here. XO

terriporter said...

I think it's inherent in women to take on too much, to try to do everything, like we're not worth anything unless we are juggling a million balls in the air at all times. We do it to ourselves sometimes, but it is nevertheless tough to struggle through. I think you made the perfect choice for your word. You know how much you will be missed here, by all of your life sisters as well as our readers. Take care of you and everything else will take care of itself.

Beth Willis Miller said...

Loved this post! Just realized how much "surrender" is like my word for 2015, "trusting"...

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