Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Things I Love About February

by Deanna

I know the weather has been absolutely miserable for much of our nation, excluding the west.  It's either way too much snow, drizzle and grey, or freeze your ass off cold.  Oops probably wasn't supposed to use that term but that is exactly what it is here.  It warmed up to a whooping 6, yes I said 6 degrees here today.  I think we are going to hit another record here with being some of the coldest days on record for February.  I am so proud.

But unlike last year I am NOT going to let this deter my better mood, so much higher on the happy scale than last year.  So I am going to do my darndest (is that a word??) to come up with 10 things I love about February.  Some will be illustrated with a photo, others will not.  Just letting you know that so you won't look for 10 photos

1 - Reading, I have read more books this past winter than I have read in quite a few years.  I love to read, but sometime about 5 years ago I just kinda stopped, no reason. But I am back with gusto. Just finished reading One Plus One by Jo Jo Moyes (she is the same author that wrote, Me Before You which I absolutely loved)  This one did not make me blubber in buckets of tears like Me Before You, it was a sweet story with a happy ending. (oops spoiler).

2 - And something that goes hand in hand with reading is stopping to take an afternoon break with a cup of coffee and a sweet snack.  A hot cup of coffee (de-caf for me) is just perfect for these cold afternoons.  (And no, I don't get quite this fancy, but I needed to dress it up a bit for the photo)

3 -  Watching the winter birds from my front window.  Juncos are never seen around here in the summertime, only when the cold winds of winter blow do I see their sweet faces.

4 - Tulips from Trader Joe's start making their appearance in February, bringing color into my world.

5 - And along with tulips, little miniature daffodils also begin to bloom, adding even more color and sunlight onto my windowsill.

6 - I don't know about you but I absolutely love watching Downton Abbey on PBS TV in January and February each year.  The story, the styles, and those hats.....oh my.  I found this little car that so reminded me of the series.

7 - Great neighbors that shovel my drive when the snow falls.  I so appreciate the goodness from their hearts.

8 - Nothing cozier than the sun shining in thru the windows with Cinder and I battling to see who gets the warmest spot.  Guess who usually wins.

9 - And I certainly couldn't let February go by without mentioning Valentine's Day.  A day for love.

10 - A snowy drive in the country is right at the top of my list of favorites in the cold & snowy month of February.

Well, here you are....10 things that make me happy in February, and I did have 10 photos.  Surprised even myself.  And I could probably keep the list going, this week alone I have celebrated a birthday dinner with friends, a birthday lunch with more friends, a concert and dinner out, Bunco, Bible Study and tonight Book Club.  But I think the best is yet to come.  I am leaving this cold and snow for sunshine and warmth in Arizona beginning next Tuesday.

So instead of looking at this.....(which by the way, I do think is quite beautiful)

I will be looking at this.....

And seeing roses growing on the vine instead of wrapped in cellophane at the grocery store.

It's all in one's perspective.


Dotti said...

You say the darndest things! Art Linkletter said it was a word, so a word it must be. Love your list of ten. Reading is high up there on my list, too. Several of the many books I've read in the last couple of years are books you recommended and I loved. I always was a late bloomer so I'm just now getting into PD James and her Dalgleish books. Next up on my list: Girl on the Train, which everyone says is wonderful. As I write this, it is a whopping -18F in my old Kentucky home. You actually made it to a Baker's dozen of photos and all so beautiful! Stay warm this weekend and safe and fun journeys to Arizona!

Kim Stevens said...

Well, what a great way to finish off the week, this was great Deanna....and the photos all so beautiful! Love those tulips, and the photo of your sweet neighbors with the snow falling (love)...but that Arizona sunset....wowza!

terriporter said...

Oh, Deanna, I feel as if I've just taken a tour of a winter wonderland and through your eyes it is so beautiful! Even though it's not cold here, all of your top 10 would make my list as well. Recently finished a good book you recommended (The Girl on the Train) and will take a look at the ones you talked about here. So excited to get to see you in person next week and spend a little time taking some photo walks and catching up. Safe travels!

Patti G said...

What a wonderful post - the love was felt all the way over here in Michigan where we too, are experiencing ass off cold weather. Enjoy Arizona - I'm a bit jealous~~~no, a LOT jealous of your trip.

S. Etole said...

It was -33 F here yesterday with a wind chill of -45 F. Arizona sounds cozy. Always enjoy your wonderful photos.

gina said...

Your positive attitude is so inspiring -- I love your list! Books, afternoon coffee, pretty flowers, and loved ones. What could be better? Your photos are beautiful. Have fun in the sun!

diane said...

Thanks for reminding me to slow it down and enjoy each day for what it is :-D
Lovely photos!
diane @ thoughts & shots

GailO said...

Every single item on your list I will agree with whole heartedly!...until you get to the lovely bit about leaving for Arizona....Have fun!

Viv@Thoughts from the Desktop said...

Love your 10 Deanna and wow what weather still Arizona, my that will warm you up. Have fun.....

Jan Adams said...

I've been huddled down by a broken wrist in what is usually my favorite month! No new fun activities on my Valentine's Day birthday this year and none of the winter weather I so love. So, your beautiful words helped me make some peace with today and this week! And they are so beautiful probably with this month! Love to all, Jan

Linda R said...

OH yes.. That is a pretty darn good list. And your photos are amazing my friend.

Hugs, Linda

Roxi Hardegree said...

I must say the scenery makes me want to go where you are. That barn! oh my! Fortunately we've had a few snows to get a few photos this year. But I saw a tree bloom today!

kelly said...

I think you have the right idea my friend. enjoy your trip!!

Sandra said...

What a lovely month of February you're experiencing. I love that bird shot and your dainty snack. The lacy look makes all the difference! I'm enjoying February as well!

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