Thursday, February 5, 2015

Words of Love

by Linda
Recently, I was scheduled for a minor procedure. After discussing it with 2 doctors, I was assured that it would be very minor, only take about an hour tops, just a small needle, local anesthetic only,  they only needed a few cells. I was confident I could drive myself to and from the appointment.

Trophy husband offered to take me. No, that wouldn't be necessary, I could do it myself. My dear friend offered to take me. No, thank you, I'll be fine.

My daughter offered to take me, I of course digressed but she offered again. She wanted to take me so I said ok. She rearranged her schedule-job wise and her littlest has pneumonia so her trophy husband stayed home with her, and off we went. Once we arrived I learned the appointment needed to be rescheduled to another location and that meant another day. I apologized to my daughter for inconveniencing her, but she was only concerned that the appointment was moved.

Once again, many offers were made to take me and once again I refused.

My son asked who was taking me to the new appointment and I said I was taking myself. He asked when and what time the appointment was, I told him, then he said "well, I'm taking you, what time do we need to leave?"

I said "you don't have to, it's NBD"
he said "and it's NBD to take you"

There are many ways to say "I love you" and these 2 wonderful children of mine said it loud and clear to me.



Dotti said...

You know, it's so true, Linda. It's not only the words we speak out loud. It's the actions behind those words. I learned early in my marriage that it wasn't only about the spoken 'I love yous', it was about all the countless little ways my husband showed his love in actions every day. Helping with housework, washing the car, keeping the garden nice. Things that really say 'I love you!' You've got good kids. But that's no surprise. They've got a good mom.

Lisa Comperry said...

It is true..My kids are grown and don't live with me..I have senior dogs at home.. My mom lives out of town.. My sister and I are in the middle of a heart wrenching situation with Mom and her health, life changing decisions have to be made....My kids made it possible for me to fly to Mom vs driving to her town 800 miles away from mine .Both of my kids are checking on my doggies as best as they can while I am gone, so that my doggies can stay at my house in an environment that they are familiar with..Both kids realize that my time away is open ended and that it may be a long stay....The actions behind their words come through loud and clear..

Kim Stevens said...

Yup, I had called my Aunt last minute to see if she was free when I took my girl to her orientation as she was transferring universities and without hesitation she told me that she could re-schedule her appointments. I asked her if she was sure and she said, nothing is more important than this. And it felt so nice, because she made me feel really special. Not many people these days are willing to interrupt their schedules like that.

Carol said...

Well, they must have learned that from somewhere....get my point?
I'm happy for you, and happy for them!

terriporter said...

I agree with Carol. It is so gratifying when your children demonstrate the love and caring that you have taught them, and apparently you taught them well!

CarolHart said...

We need to remember how good we feel when we help others...then give others the opportunity to feel the same way in helping us.

Deanna said...

Actions always speak louder than words in any situation, and those actions proved their absolute love for you. Hope all is well with your procedure!!

jennifer matthews said...

Such a wonderful read. Like the others have said, actions speak louder then words. Sounds like you are surrounded with wonderful folks all around you. Sending you lots of positive energy and I hope all goes well with your prodecure.

heyjudephotography said...

This is the best kind of love. Actions speak louder than words, and you've obviously brought these kiddos up well! :)

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